Men’s skin care steps are what

The same time as the above- One, boys maintenance skin Methods

Young man

20 years old: he control oil acne

Hormones are one of the factors that affect skin oil secretion, male Hormones to increase the amount of oil on the face, especially in the 15-25 year old men most troubled. This situation is not timely control, then the skin is easy to acne, but also easily lead to pore expansion. young boy You can use oil control both moisturizing effect Of the skin care products, so that the skin of the water to be balanced, you can get rid of shiny phenomenon.

30 years old: moisturizing water

Although most men's skin is oily, but oily skin is also likely to be water-poor skin, resulting in the face prone to fine lines. Men in the 30-year-old, is the skin water and oil state more balanced, as long as the focus on moisturizing care, it can delay the process of skin aging.

Middle-aged man

Male skin is generally rough, the surface often sticks dirt clogged pores, leading to hair follicles and sebaceous glands disease ; Especially people to middle age, due to the decline of physiological function, prone to wrinkles, relaxation, swelling and so on. Therefore, men's scientific skin care is very important.

Note that men should pay special attention to wash your face, if the skin is dry, cold water and warm water can be used to wash the face, to stimulate the local skin blood circulation, enhance facial skin elasticity. Oily skin when the best wash your face with a towel hot 3 to 5 minutes, then wash your face with soap, wash massage for a while, can promote the local skin blood circulation, improve its nutritional status, favorable sebum discharge, so that the face smooth, Reduce wrinkles and relaxation. Neutral skin of men, cold, hot water can be washed.

Balanced nutrition middle-aged men is the most exuberant time, they often run around, eating no section, especially too sweet, Xin, spicy, sour and other irritating food , Or smoking, alcohol and other bad habits and do not like to eat fruits and vegetables, will make the body acid-base imbalance health The Therefore, in order to have a healthy skin must be a balanced intake of nutrients, eat more vegetables, fruits, soy dairy products and other nutrient-rich foods, quit smoking and drinking, appropriate intake of vitamins, protein and trace elements.

To ensure that sleep in the middle of the affairs of many, and some often stay up all night work, lack of sleep, resulting in haggard face, dark, black eye socket, bags under the eyes revealed that give birth to more wrinkles. Middle-aged to ensure high-quality sleep, sleep every day for 8 hours. But sleep time should not be too long.

To maintain optimism often sad, annoying, irritable people, will cause the body physiology Sexually transmitted diseases Change, so keep optimistic mood will make the skin more fit.

Adhere to shave beard easy to attach dust, bacteria, often shave can keep the skin clean, help keep the youth face. After the shaving of the skin will become rough, and may have a small wound can not see, then need to use men's special needs after the honey nutrition, its special ingredients can relieve facial skin, so that pores naturally shrink.

Special care should pay attention to the protection of the skin, especially in the field work or high temperature work of men, work to wear a straw hat, wind shield and other protective equipment, appropriate coated with skin protection agent to prevent excessive ultraviolet radiation and dust.

Proper maintenance of men should be used for the nature of men's skin and the development of men's skin care products. Wind and sun to make the skin rough, wash the face, painted some men's special nutrition cream, moisturizing honey, helps the skin smooth.

Second, the boys keep the skin steps

Male sebum secretion ratio female More than doubled, so in the nose, forehead (the so-called T word) will grow black, or even dark face. And long-term accumulation in the pores of the grease, will make your face look dull, dirty. Many men will ask to use female skin care products can you? In fact, men's fat secretion than women strong, so most of the products designed for men and men are suitable for oily skin, fragrance is also more masculine. Female skin care products in theory on your skin is no harm, such as suitable for your skin and smell can also be used to accept. If you know nothing about skin care, just remember that every day three steps and weekly care can easily skin care. Spend a few minutes a day to complete the basic steps of these three skin care, perseverance, will make the skin fresh without trouble.

One, cleansing

Bath should also shower gel, cleansing of course, with the appropriate products, sooner or later use a strong cleaning effect of washing products, can thoroughly wash away the excess dirt, grease. But do not think that cleansing more or better, too much cleansing products will only stimulate the skin to secrete more oil, such as that the oil will be too much, you can use oil

Second, toner

Do not think that the face wash clean can effectively control the oil, if not properly conditioning, cleansing will only stimulate more oil, because the skin in the cleansing no grease protection, moisture is more likely to evaporate in the air, thereby stimulating the secretion of a large number of skin Grease to keep moisture. Therefore, after cleansing on the toner, can instantly convergence sebum secretion, fine pores, but also balance the skin pH; if you often long acne, can be used with sterilization or oil powder toner, to enhance oil control oil.

Third, nourish

Toner convergence of the pores, but the skin may still be in a relatively dry state, the need for professional men's milk to play the role of nourishment. Designed for men, the texture of light formula, soft texture quickly absorbed by the skin, not greasy, effective moisturizing the skin and replenish skin loss of water. After washing the face must use facial milk. Otherwise it will increase the skin of the oil situation. Lips and hands nourish, but also the best to choose some such as lip balm and hand cream and the like products.

Fourth, local focus on care

Men may not be used to use eye cream and cream like females. Eye cream usually has a high concentration of cream, can strengthen the eye microcirculation and relieve tired eyes. Some star products can accelerate the metabolism of melanin, reduce dark circles, and effectively improve the pressure, fatigue caused by edema, bags under the eyes. Although the dairy products can add moisture to the skin, but the ability is limited. So this time if you can use the essence of the face to use, can be very good for the skin to add water, while fundamentally inhibit oil secretion.

Five, special care

Not suitable for daily use, but the efficacy of more excellent mask and eye mask products. Men can use some of the products can be used to show matte skin color, adhere to a mask once a week, will fundamentally enhance the quality of the skin.

Six, diet conditioning

Usually eat spicy food, tobacco and alcohol as much as possible control.

Third, the boys keep the skin of the golden rule

One, quit smoking

Be sure to quit smoking first. As a man has become a habit of smoking, many people have been inseparable from it, no one knows that smoking is harmful to health, to your face clean and shiny, men must quit smoking. If you can do the first step above, I believe that has been successful in half.

Second, skin care

As men's skin care, with women is different, some women's beauty requirements are often given a beautiful, character, superior direction, and basically men are most concerned about the actual quality of their own skin, spray perfume is not suitable for their own The temperament, and how to cover up their beauty aspects of the weaknesses.

Men's skin care brand on the market is not a lot of types are not all, in this case, it is recommended that you still use big products, after all, quality assurance, although the price is more expensive, but the effect will be significant.

Third, massage

In the smear of cosmetics, to adhere to the massage, Chinese medicine that the human body is the essence of the spirit of the center, often massage not only on the skin, the whole body has good benefits.

Four, antifreeze sunscreen

Often in outdoor work and activities of men, to the summer sun, winter antifreeze. Do not forget to prepare some summer sunscreen, cream and other protective products, to prevent skin sunburn.

Five, regular to the beauty salon to relax

21 years of work and life pressure is very large, especially men, shoulder the arduous responsibility, have the opportunity to go to the beauty salon for a variety of beauty, such as regular exfoliation, deep care, some beauty institutions specifically for men, which opened men's face Deep maintenance, men's kidney maintenance, men's SPA spa seaweed body and so on beauty items, it is recommended that everyone do SPY, both detoxification, but also to relax, very comfortable environment, in the relaxed music, can feel physical and mental relaxation The

Six, eat more "strong" food

Eat more meat, in exchange for mild fatty liver, and the body is always feeling weak. Eat meat at the same time should also eat "strong" food. Any food that can strengthen the immune system can be called "strong" food. The stronger the immune system, the more physical the body can resist the pathogenic micro-organisms and cancer invasion.

If you can do the above six points, then the male compatriots can not only have a good health skin good face, as well as a strong physique, after all, the body is the first, stick to it, a month later will be pleased to see themselves from Inside and outside the change.

Fourth, boys keep the skin new concept

1, basic maintenance every day to do

As a man, the skin than the women, to rough and greasy some, on the one hand the skin pores easy to filth, on the other hand the skin greasy easy to make the pores blocked, making the whole face looks gray head, very unsightly The

2, regular repair change hair

Now men are mostly short hair hair, it is easy to make people feel a lot of hair, it is not very concise. So six weeks to trim the hairstyle is the ideal frequency. Also change the hair from time to time, the whole person's mental outlook will become a new look.

3, ground wash hair care

As men are too short hair, after sleep, the wind is easy to go after the shape, so more use of stereotypes supplies, easy to debris, sticky ash, causing the hair becomes dirty, need regular cleaning. And now there are some men stay long hair, but also to wash every day

4, every day repair surface

In order to avoid the chin to become a woman afraid of "bald brush", to adhere to the habit of cultivating every day, giving exquisite fresh feeling.

5, clean eyebrows

Eyebrow is not a female patent! Male facial features is the most attractive eyebrows, and two tall and straight eyebrows people feel deeply by the thick male charm. But not all men have a perfect eyebrow type, so you have to always clean Soke, but also eyebrows to clear and clear shape, the whole person from this spirit up.

6, keep the face is not shiny

In a variety of social occasions, should carry oil-absorbing paper, at any time a suction, that is, to restore the face fresh.

7, the use of men's fragrance

Light and elegant men's fragrance will make men look more taste and temperament, not sprinkle a little, will make you more attractive.

8, if necessary, can use make-up products

Make-up is not only women can use, men in order to some important occasions to make their image superior, with the need to make make-up products to make their own perfect. Men do not need too complicated make-up supplies, a bottle of matte finish for the foundation cream, transparent dry powder, a black eyebrow pencil and colorless lip balm can meet the basic needs, elegant point can also add black eyeliner and Eyelash ointment, make your eyes more thriving.

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