Men’s skin care errors four strokes help you to maintain the skin

The company is located in: The company is located in: Pay attention to the quality of life of men is not trendsetter, men love face, clean face can earn extra high scores. But the wrong way of cleaning will make you skin Frequent problems, skin care details did not get to know, with expensive products is Joker. Well, male Skin care easy to fall into what misunderstandings? How should men correct skin care it?

男人护肤的误区有哪些 男人该怎么护肤 男人怎么护肤好

The company is located in: Male skin care common errors

The company is located in: Misunderstanding 1: wash your face directly with water in the morning, anyway, the night before has been washed clean.

The company is located in: correct: After a night of skin metabolism, in fact, not as clean as you think. In a hurry morning, we can not ignore the facial skin clean, get up 5 minutes, the normal use of cleanser wash, while thoroughly clean the skin at the same time give the initial protection to prevent problems.

The company is located in: Misunderstanding 2: skin care products to save the use of more to take part back.

The company is located in: correct : Deterioration or dirty daily chemicals will not only allow users to beautify the skin and hair, but also make the skin rough or pigmentation. Weekdays use clean or maintenance When the product should be avoided as far as possible with unclean fingers to dig bottle / box of products, so as to avoid bacterial infection inside the unused part; if the removed cosmetics have not been used, remember not to put the bottle back, so as not to Cause defaced Skin care products to stay in the bottle after the residual stains with a tissue wipe clean, and then tighten the lid.

Misunderstanding 3: After each wash face, will use a towel to dry the face of the water.

The company is located in: correct: Men tend to rub heavily on the skin with dry towels, which can hurt and irritate the skin and make the skin fine and fine lines. The correct approach is: wash the face with a towel or facial tissue to dry the water than the method of drying the skin pull and hurt much lighter.

The company is located in: Misunderstanding 4: facial massage, the longer the better.

男人护肤的误区有哪些 男人该怎么护肤 男人怎么护肤好

The company is located in: correct: Facial massage time should be appropriate, not too long or too short, depending on the skin, skin condition and age to be set. In general, the neutral skin massage time is about 10 minutes; dry skin massage time is generally 10-15 minutes; oily skin massage time should be controlled within 10 minutes; allergy Sexual skin is best not to do massage.

The company is located in: How to correct skin care?

1, give the skin some massage time

Massage can make the skin surface of aging cells in time off, promote facial blood circulation, improve skin respiration, the use of sebaceous glands and sweat secretion increase skin nutrition, improve skin deep cell vitality, so that the skin luster and flexibility. Massage method is: first painted some massage cream on the face, and then use your fingers along the facial skin texture bottom-up circle massage, morning and evening wash every time, each massage for about 10 minutes. After massage, wash with water and dry, coated with water can be convergence.

The company is located in: 2, summer sunscreen, winter frost

Often in outdoor work and activities of men, to the summer sunscreen, winter frost. Do not forget to go out to prepare some sunscreen, cream and other protective products to prevent sunburn. Experts believe that the skin sunscreen should start from the spring, although there is no spring summer hot sun, but dry and windy, sunny and more, less cloudiness, ultraviolet light is very strong. Therefore, sunscreen products in April can be used. In winter season, apply some grease or antifreeze cream to prevent frostbite or chapped face. Apply some moisturizer before going to sleep at night. If the lips are chapped, apply lip balm to make the skin fully hydrated and moisturized.

男人护肤的误区有哪些 男人该怎么护肤 男人怎么护肤好

The company is located in: 3, develop the correct shaving habits

Men's beard grow faster, and some people are particularly thick beard, need to often shave, shave. Shave should be selected in the morning, because the face and the skin are relaxed at this time. To choose good quality, less irritating shaving cream, soap and gentle shaving water. Cleanse first until the pores relax open, beard becomes soft and then start shaving. The order of operation should be from temples, cheeks, neck and lip around the chin. After shaving, wash with warm water, and then rushed over again with cold water, in order to facilitate the recovery of open pores contraction. After that, apply some moisturizer, cream, etc. to appease the skin and reduce the stinging. In addition, the normal should not be disturbed by hand or tweezers pull beard, so as to avoid bacterial invasion caused by folliculitis, 疖, valgus and other skin diseases, thus damaging the skin.

The company is located in: 4, even after cleaning outdoor facial dirt

More men outdoor activities, coupled with more exuberant oil secretion, the skin is rough, than female More prone to blackheads, wrinkles and more. Therefore, men's facial cleansing is particularly important. Weathered appearance is outdated, not only for superior instruments, there are basic skin health , Men should care for their skin! (Reference Website: Family Doctor online)

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