How to eat oysters and kidneys

Man impotence What to eat it is good? Impotence food What is it? Many times the right food is better than the drug. Dietary therapy to the body health There will not be any bad influences. Let's take a look at what a man has to eat.

How to impotence What are the methods of impotence?

The What kind of food do men eat?

1, Health

Oysters are rich in zinc and many scientific studies have also confirmed male Zinc deficiency in the body affects the development and function of the sex organs. In addition to oysters, many marine organisms are rich in amino acids, such as various kinds of green shellfish and clams. Experiments have also been conducted abroad to prove that these amino acids can affect the release of animal sex hormones. Therefore, eating more seafood is impotence.

2, sheep kidney

Sheep kidney is also known as lamb kidney. Rich in protein, fat, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, calcium, iron, phosphorus, etc. It is sweet and warm. With lean blood, impotence and kidney effect . "Japan-Huaya Materia Medica" said that Yangshen can "make up for the damage, weakness, impotence and kidney." Apply to Kidney deficiency Yangshuo Eat.

3, oysters

Oysters are also called oysters and oysters. Rich in zinc and iron, phosphorus, calcium, high-quality protein, sugar and other vitamins. Its taste salty, slightly cold, there is nourishing yin yang, kidney astringent fine effect. Men who eat oysters can improve sexual function and sperm the quality of. It has good effects on men's spermatorrhea, deprivation-fatigue, kidney deficiency and impotence.

How to impotence What are the methods of impotence?

The 4, 鹌鹑

It is not only delicious, but also rich in nutrients. There are rich inorganic salts, lecithin, and amino acids needed by the human body. The quail eggs are also good aphrodisiac supplements. Chinese medicine practitioners believe that mutton meat has the effects of replenishing five internal organs, benefiting blood, and warming kidney and yang. Men can eat more powerful bones and improve sexual function.

5, donkey

As the saying goes, the delicious flesh of the heavens, the donkey meat on the ground, and the meat of donkeys are widely circulated among the people. Donkey meat is not only delicious, but also high-protein, low-fat, low-cholesterol meat. The donkey is cool and cool, with qi nourishing and nourishing yin and yang. Donkey kidney is also useful for kidney impotence, strong gluten bone function. Do not lift Yangshuo, Yaoxisuanru embolism have a good conditioning effect.

The 6, shrimp

Shrimp is delicious, with high replenishing and medicinal effects. The motherland medicine believes that it is sweet, salty, warm, and has a strong aphrodisiac, kidney, kidneys, and essence. Those who suffer from chronic illness, weakness, shortness of breath, and lack of energy can use it as a tonic food . eating prawn helps us to strengthen our body.

How to impotence What are the methods of impotence?

The Aphrodisiac method

1, finger stimulating exercise has the effect of strong sage aphrodisiac

The most important point of strong yang is to improve the blood circulation of the whole body, especially the lower body. Once the blood circulation is poor, blood stasis will occur somewhere in the body and cause illness, resulting in a decrease in human energy and endurance. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt various methods to give proper stimulation to the human body, so that the body's metabolism is active and blood circulation is improved.

One of its methods is the stimulation of the index finger. This method has the advantage of being free from time constraints and is very easy to implement.

For example, in the morning and evening when commuting by public electric cars, use the index finger to hook the armrests or rings in the car; or during leisure, use both hands to pull the hooks repeatedly; or use a handle or a golf club to massage the index finger; an easy way It is to use the forefingers of both hands to hook a wooden stick or a bamboo basket while rotating the upper body to the left or right.

2. Use the shower for penis massage

When bathing, it is best to use a shower for penis massage. The so-called "shower massage" refers to the use of a shower head to wash warm water around the roots of the penis, which is excellent for restoring the "energy" of the testicles.

The erection is like a sore shoulder, making the ligaments supporting the penis and nerve All are quite tired. And the longer the erection time, the heavier the fatigue. Of course, just like the shoulder pain needs to be massaged. After sex, the stimulation of the ligaments, nerves, and inguinal canal in the root of the penis will improve the blood circulation and restore the testicle and penis fatigue as quickly as possible.

Not only the inguinal region, but also many important acupoints in the lower abdomen, around the umbilicus, and in the lower part of the groin. It is more effective if these parts are fully heated with a shower. The use of a shower and a full-body bubble in the bathtub is different because the shower can stimulate the acupuncture points with concentrated heating. Of course, the shower's water pressure is better.

3. Air-cooled exercise for young men

For the testicles, sleeping under a quilt cannot be said to be a good sleep state. As mentioned earlier, the optimal temperature for the production of sperm and male hormone in the testis is a temperature slightly lower than the body temperature. Therefore, the scrotum does not dissipate heat well and affects the testicular function.

When the testicles should perform important activities, they are caught in the heat of the quilt. This is very unfavorable for the testicles. In fact, the solution is simple. This is to expose the scrotum to sleep in cooler air, so that the scrotum can be well ventilated. For young people, this "air-cooled" exercise method is far more convenient and more effective than the "hot and cold water alternating" exercise method.

If possible, it is of course good to have the scrotum exposed to sleep in the air all year round. However, if it is in the winter, I am afraid that I will catch a cold. It is best to cover the quilt without wearing briefs to sleep. If the room is equipped with an air conditioner to keep it at a constant temperature, it is not necessary to make the quilt too strict.

"Air-cooled" exercise has a great influence on the secretion of hormones and has excellent results. In patients with clinical dysfunction, after several months using this method, the energy was significantly restored and sexual life was improved. (Reference site: 39 Health Network)

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