How to do a man with spleen deficiency

The deficiency of spleen is the theory of Chinese medicine. Once a spleen deficiency occurs, the body will experience discomfort. How can the spleen be raised? Teach you how to take care of your child.

How to do a man's spleen deficiency How to regulate spleen deficiency

Spleen deficiency What to eat it is good

1, sweet potato

Sweet potato is a common kind of coarse grains in our life, which is sweet potato. It can be a good complement to blood, stomach, and laxative effect. If you eat sweet potatoes, you will make it look good. skin It will also become smooth, and it is also very convenient to eat. It can be eaten directly by steaming.

2. Huanren

It is commonly found in rice pudding, which is light in taste and cold in nature. It can stop diarrhea and increase appetite. It is also good for the stomach and intestines. The effect of raising the spleen is very good.

3, rice

This rice is not the rice we usually eat. It is also called glutinous rice. The taste is relatively light, with a very good spleen and stomach effect It is also good for the development of muscles. treatment The body weight loss caused by spleen deficiency is very effective.

How to do a man's spleen deficiency How to regulate spleen deficiency

4, wheat

Wheat is also a common cereal. It can be very good to protect the kidneys. The effect of bonfire is very good. People who often suffer from dry mouth and no appetite eat very well.

5, sesame oil

Sesame oil can also help to maintain the spleen, can lubricate the intestines, promote digestion, prevent dry stools, it can also help the body to remove toxins, treat various ulcers in the body, etc. It is recommended to eat.

The 6, rice

The properties of glutinous rice are mild, it is very suitable for people with bad spleen and bad stomach, glutinous rice can warm the stomach, eliminate dry mouth, treatment diarrhea Wait, eating glutinous rice is good for the body.

How to do a man's spleen deficiency How to regulate spleen deficiency

The How to treat spleen deficiency

1, click on the Zhongyao

The Zhongyan point is located on the midline of the anterior midline of the human body. It is 4 inches above the navel. It is a raised point for the stomach and rectum of the foot Yangming. It is the place where the stomach gathers together, and the point is pressed to promote the circulation and regulate the stomach. The function. Use your finger to press or knead the point in the mouth, every 2-3 minutes, to produce a sense of heat locally.

2, knead by heart

The foetus refers to the area above the sacral point, and the area below the sternum is the corresponding area on the surface of the body. Each palm is kneaded in clockwise and counterclockwise directions for more than 36 laps to make the area feel warm and comfortable. The role of smooth stomach. If indigestion, bloating symptom Obviously, the top-to-bottom push can be repeated from the center of the heart, taking care not to push it from the bottom up.

3, push two ribs

Place the palms of both hands on the sides of the body and then breast Press the lower edge of the lower edge to the side of the waist, which is based on local fever. This massage can clear the liver and gallbladder, and adjust the qi machine. Regular practice of these tactics can effectively regulate the stomach function, achieve stomach, warm stomach, adjust the medium-intensity air machine, prevention stomach disease Efficacy.

4, moxibustion Zhongwan

Use moxa moxibustion in acupoints for 10-15 minutes, or use ai pot moxibustion for 20-30 minutes. The Zhongyu point is located in the midline of the abdomen and is 4 inches above the umbilicus, which is equivalent to the width of the five fingers. Zhongyu points have the effect of regulating stomach qi, removing dampness and stopping vomiting. (Reference website: Family doctor online)

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