Men do not eat kidneys can impotence is rumors

Experts pointed out that the animal viscera and sexual organs contain some male hormones, but their content is very low, relying on them impotence is not practical.

Do you have a kidney to eat?

Whether to eat a kidney can be impotence

The kidneys have not been regarded as male Aphrodisiac treasure. Especially in the summer, barbecue has become a favorite of the majority of men. The kidneys are the first to become the first choice for men. In addition, animal viscera, such as bullwhip, goat kidney, liver, and chicken kidney, which have aphrodisiac function or rich zinc content, has become the most popular. food . Animal viscera can be enhanced because it contains a large amount of sex hormones and adrenal cortex hormones sperm Vitality is to increase libido, which belongs to the folk-approved aphrodisiac. It is a relatively common food on people's table. However, the animal viscera, which seems to be impotence, has a hidden crisis of infertility. Despite the fact that the animal's internal organs have unique nutrients, the visceral body contains heavy metal cadmium, which may cause infertility to men.

Some experts in Taiwan pointed out that pigs, cattle, and sheep have different levels of heavy metal cadmium in their livers and kidneys, and the Hubei Provincial Department of Health announced it. food In the monitoring of pollutants, the content of metallic cadmium in animal kidneys exceeds the national standard value by 100 times. “Cadmium can induce structural and functional degenerative changes in male testes, epididymis and other tissues and organs, and eventually lead to decline in reproductive capacity.” In addition to heavy metal cadmium, as well as lead can directly act on the testis of the core organ of the male reproductive system, resulting in sperm The decrease in the number, the increase in the sperm deformity rate, and the weakening of the activity ability affect fertility.

Do you have a kidney to eat?

The Aphrodisiac food


The nature is flat, sweet, there is spleen, lungs, Gushen, Yijing meritorious work, whether it is Yin Huo-wang or Shenqi is not solid and nocturnal emission Premature ejaculation Those who are advised to eat more often. Meng Xie, a food doctor in the Tang Dynasty, once said: “Yam yew has her husband to help her with yin power.” “Japan and China Materia Medica” records: “The yam aids the five internal organs, and the master exudes its strength and forgetfulness.” “Herb seeking truth” Yi Yun: “Yam, This is food, and its sexual astringent, can cure nocturnal emission can not help." If you can with other kidney solid food, such as citrus aurantium, lotus seeds, etc. taken together, the effect is better.

2. Lotus seeds

The nature is flat, sweet and astringent, can raise heart, kidney, spleen, Guse, premature ejaculation and nocturnal emission are suitable for human consumption, especially the heart and kidney do not pay and spermatorrhea who eat better. As the Ming Dynasty doctor Li Shizhen said: "The lotus meat is pure and solid, and the Jing Jing Shang and Shang dynasties are fire and evil, making the heart and kidneys a good match." The so-called "Jun Xiang Huo Xie" refers to the heart and fire kidney, heart and kidney Do not pay in terms. "Yuyao drug solution," also in the cloud: "Lianzi Ganping, very beneficial to the spleen and stomach, and Guse of the astringent, the most appropriate home slide, nocturnal emission will be very effective." Qing Dynasty Famous doctor Wang Mengying also pointed out: "Fixed coke, has no spermatorrhea, can be used to flour and powder for rice cake or the same rice for porridge rice, spleen and kidney, rather Qi Xun." treatment "Heart and kidney do not pay and no emission" of the Qingxin lotus drink and Ruilian pill, rule " dream "Lots of sperm", such as lotus meat, are all based on lotus seeds.

Do you have a kidney to eat?

3. Walnut kernel

It can nourish and strengthen the kidneys. It is a nourishing and strong food. The meat can be nourished and the skin can be absorbed and astringent. Kidney deficiency Spermatorrhea Yi Shizhi. The doctors of the Ming Dynasty said: "The walnut can enter kidney essence." clear? Huang Gong Xiu Yiyun: "Hushu astringent fine Gushen." "Pu Ji Fang" recorded: Walnut governance "weak fire strong, fine self-spill." This shows that for the heart and kidney does not pay, yin deficiency of fire in the nocturnal emission of premature ejaculation Also suitable. "Yixuanfangfang" introduced: "Walnut blindly, do not go yellow, fasting food, the best solid."

4. Ginkgo

Also known as Ginkgo biloba, steamed, desperate or cooked food should be eaten. Bright? Li Shizhen once said: "Cooked food has warm lung, good Qi, certain wheezing, narrowing it, and stopping the white turbidity. Its thin air is thick and thick and astringent and astringent." "Bencao again new" believes that Ginkgo "Buqi Yangxin, Yishen Ziyin ". Folks often use ginkgo as a food to treat spermatorrhea. Such as "Shandong traditional Chinese medicine "Indication: Ginkgo" treatment of nocturnal emission, enuresis. "Hunan Drug Chronicles," describes: "The treatment of dreams: Ginkgo biloba three, wine cooking, and even eat four to five days." China Pharmaceutical University Professor Ye Orange Spring has two experiences, One is to use 10 grams of white nuts, fried into the water after frying, add sugar, and even soup to eat, or fried dry powder research service. The second is to use raw white nuts 2 ~ 3, into the late, another egg 1, open a small hole, the end of the ginkgo into the egg, paste the paper paste, steamed on the rice cooker, eat eggs 1 ~ Two. (Reference site: Sina)

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