Eating meat and kidneys is only suitable for men’s 4 kinds of meat

Modern people are paying more and more attention Health care Health care also knows the concept of “three-point drug poison” and therefore treats daily disease It is usually preferred to solve through diet. For men, tonifying the kidneys is a life-long thing to do, then for men, the kidney should be What to eat What? The most effective kidney food What?

How to Kidney What is the method of kidney tonic?

Four types of meat that are most suitable for men's kidneys

One, lamb

Lamb is the most common type of meat in our daily lives. Especially in the cold winter, it has become the favorite food for everyone. Like mutton soup and mutton sauce, thick and rich aromas make people feel a lot of appetite. .

Lamb itself is warm food, into the spleen and kidney. And ancient times Famous doctor Li Shizhen once said in the "Compendium of Materia Medica": "Mutton can be used as a warming supplement, supplementing qi and replenishing qi, appetizing and keeping fit, replenishing qi and nourishing qi, raising nourishment and eyesight, managing imaginary cold, and suffering five injuries and seven injuries." In other words, lamb is a warm-up body, kidney yang effect Meat.

Second, muddy

Do you often eat loach can really achieve the purpose of kidney? Regular consumption of loach can really nourish and strengthen the body, and the loach has less fat content. For people with high blood sugar, high blood pressure and high blood pressure, the loach is nothing more than the most. health s Choice.

Loach sweet, flat; there Bu Zhong Yi Qi, kidney yang, beneficial hydrolytic poisoning effect; medicine can be used in children with sweating edema, urination, Yang did not move and other illnesses. However, the loach needs to understand its taboos when eating. The loach must not eat with the dog meat. In addition, if you eat must choose fresh live squid cooking effect will be better.

How to Kidney What is the method of kidney tonic?

Third, dog meat

Many people think that it is a very cruel thing to eat dog meat, and now the whole society is calling for not hunting dogs. However, some people are looking for something fresh and fresh, so there is a dog slaughterhouse. A scene of bloody cruelty into the screen, rejecting dog meat, starting from me!

In traditional Chinese medicine, dog meat has the effect of warming up the kidney yang, for kidney yang deficiency, impotence and Premature ejaculation The patient has a curative effect. Although dog meat is good, but as human beings, all morality and compassion must reject dog meat and never eat.

Fourth, pigeon meat

Folks have said that "three chickens are not as good as one pigeon." Therefore, pigeons not only have higher nutritional value than chickens, ducks, and geese, but also have unique tonic effects. Pigeon and pigeon eggs are rich in protein, chondroitin, vitamins and iron, zinc and other nutrients. Steaming or eating soup with pigeon meat, pigeon eggs, and wolfberry fruit can make penis erection more powerful.

The pigeon tastes salty and flat. It has the effect of nourishing the kidney, relieving Qi, and detoxifying the qi and detoxifying bacteria. It is often used in elderly physically deficient, thirst-quenching, shortness of breath, fatigue, and weakness of blood and blood. "According to interest in the diet spectrum" believes that pigeons have "heat, detoxification, more sores thirst, extinguishing wind" and other effects; "Beneficiary of the original" that "long suffering from emptiness, the benefits of food"; "Materia Medica "Indication: Pigeons can be used to "treat liver and liver anger, nourishing kidney and yin."

How to Kidney What is the method of kidney tonic?

Kidney method

1, good sleep can improve physical fitness and improve immunity. Adequate sleep for the biochemistry of blood, kidney essence maintenance Plays an important role. Therefore, do not stay up late, develop good habits, get up early, get up early, help kidney maintenance.

2, diet and kidney. There are many foods that can supplement the kidneys. In addition to black black sesame seeds, black fungus, black rice, black beans and other black foods can raise kidneys, walnuts, leeks, shrimp, lamb waist, etc. can also play the role of kidney and kidney.

3, can be two palms to the palm of your hand after the heat, respectively, to the waist, palm to skin Massage your waist up and down until you feel warm. It can be repeated sooner or later, about 200 times each time. This exercise can nourish the kidneys.

4. Men who exercise 2 times a week, run or play, have a greater sense of pleasure in sex than men who do not participate in any fitness exercise. Exercise enhances the elasticity of the abdomen and buttocks, making it easier for women to reach orgasm than ever before. Because of the balanced maintenance of strength and speed, the control of itself has been greatly strengthened, and the time for sexual pleasure has also been prolonged. In the sport, swimming, jogging, and climbing are the most effective. Walking, jogging, yoga, tennis, Tai Chi and other sports can be carried out. Persistence and perseverance can enhance their resistance.

5. If a person lacks water, it will be very difficult to squat every day. Especially if you want to make kidney, be sure to drink plenty of water, which is beneficial to the body's circulation and detoxification, and enhance the function of the kidney. (Reference site: Health Network)

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