Men need health recommend 4 kinds of tea

The company is located in: male From the very beginning of life female Facing more tribulation due to genetic factors, men fetus Exist in uterus Among them, the process of transformation is more complicated than that of female fetuses. Therefore, the rate of spontaneous abortion of male fetuses is higher than that of female fetuses. And men's tolerance and disease resistance are also worse than women, from a longevity point of view, this also sounded the alarm for men, so men and women still have to pay attention Health Health care, in addition to have a good living habits, but also by drinking health tea to achieve their goals.

What is the way men's health regimen What men's health drink tea

Men drink tea for any health

Chrysanthemum tea

Most men's work is basically inseparable from the phone and the computer, chrysanthemum tea can help men to detoxification radiation, chrysanthemum tea with white Daisy Oolong tea, daily contact with a group of office workers necessary for electronic pollution . Because the white chrysanthemum tea is toxic to the role of the body for the accumulation of summer heat, harmful chemicals and radioactive substances are all very good resistance and elimination effect of.

Oolong tea

Many men's entertainment is more, so usually can drink oolong tea, oolong tea sobering effect is better, but also prevention Body cold, reduce the accumulation of alcohol and cholesterol in the body.

Kuding tea

Kudingcha can detoxify, but also soften blood vessels, lipid-lowering effect is great, but also very suitable for high blood pressure and weight gain.

What is the way men's health regimen What men's health drink tea

Coix seed tea

Chinese medicine theory that barley sweet, light, slightly cold, the spleen, stomach, lung, with water Shenshi, spleen diarrhea, detoxification effect, for the balance of blood pressure and blood lipids are also good. Barley is anti-cancer effect, and its anti-cancer active ingredients can effectively inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells, allowing the body light and healthy, reducing the incidence of cancer. The Yiyiren mashed and green tea into the cup with boiling water can be directly drink, but also kidney and kidney, the effect is good.

Male health food

1, tomatoes

The acidity of tomatoes can promote the secretion of gastric juice, to help digest proteins, etc., in addition, rich in vitamin C can combine the relationship between cells to create collagen, strong blood vessels. Minerals are the most abundant potassium content, due to contribute to the salinity of the blood, it has the function of lowering blood pressure.

2, soybeans

Many people know that soybeans have plant hormones, is conducive to women, do not know soybeans are also great for men food . For example, Japanese men who eat soy products often have a lower chance of developing prostate cancer than western men. And soybeans are as effective at improving men's bone loss. Men over 60 years old, the bone will begin to drain, the situation is as serious as menopausal women. And eat more soy can add lecithin, lecithin has been confirmed with short-term memory and learning ability.

What is the way men's health regimen What men's health drink tea

3, pumpkin seeds

After the age of 40, most men have problems with prostatic hypertrophy. An experiment in the United States found that taking extract of pumpkin seeds in patients with prostatic hypertrophy did reduce the frequency of urination and also improve other symptom . And pumpkin seeds are also the best source of vitamin E, anti-aging. Fan melon seeds can be purchased in the general supermarket, some products are a variety of nuts mixed, you can sprinkle salad on food, or when the mouth when eating.

4, carrot

B-carotene will change into vitamin A in the body, enhance the body's resistance, inhibit the reactive oxygen species leading to cell deterioration and the like. In addition, due to the rich potassium, with the role of lowering blood pressure, and food fiber can play a role in intestinal consolidation. Carrot rich b-carotene is also very popular, because it can prevent cancer.

5, seafood

Seafood can enhance sexual ability. Male semen contains a lot of zinc, zinc deficiency in the body, will affect the number and quality of sperm. The food of seafood oysters, shrimp, crabs, the most abundant zinc content, a little oyster is almost equal to the amount of zinc a day (15 mg). In addition, oysters due to the rich glycogen or taurine, has the function of promoting liver function, and nourish physical. (Reference Site: 39 Health Hall)

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