What kidney diet recommended 8 food

A lot of male Friends are in us lately hospital Consultation platform are consulting some experts kidney food , Due to the dual pressures of life and work of the attack, the incidence of male friends, the incidence of nephropathy rose linearly in recent two years, this phenomenon, our hospital experts here for everyone about men suitable for those with kidney food?

How men kidney Bushen what method to eat what good

Suitable for male kidney food are those:

1, scallops

Also known as Jiangzhu column. Sexual level, sweet and salty, kidney nourishing Yin, kidney yin should eat it often.

2, bass

Also known as perch, perch fish. Sexual level, sweet, both to make up the spleen and stomach, but also liver and kidney, benefits bones.

3, chestnuts

Sexual warm, sweet, in addition to the role of the spleen and stomach, but also kidney kidney strong waist, right Kidney deficiency Low back pain Most suitable for consumption.

How men kidney Bushen what method to eat what good

4, yam

Sweet, Chinese medicine "top grade" medicine, in addition to lungs, spleen, but also kidney fill fine. Where the kidney of people, should eat it often.

5, medlar

Sexual, sweet, with kidney nourishing liver, benefit smart eyes, strong bones, in addition to low back pain, long service can longevity and other functions. Especially middle age female Kidney, the most appropriate food.

6, black sesame seeds

Black sesame sweet nature, there are liver and kidney, run the role of five internal organs, due to liver and kidney lack of blood caused by vertigo, white hair, Hair loss , Yaoxisuanruan, intestinal dryness constipation Have a better diet and health effects.

How men kidney Bushen what method to eat what good

7, walnut

Walnuts are solid Bushen, diuretic Xiaoshi, Runchang laxative, the role of Wenfei Dingchu, commonly used in kidney low back pain, urinary tract stones embolism; these five kinds of food together porridge, is a rare kidney Yang Jiapin.

8, black rice

With Ziyin Bushen, spleen warm liver, replenishing spleen and stomach, Qi and blood, Liver eyesight and other effects. Regular consumption of black rice, help prevent dizziness, dizziness, anemia , White hair, eye disease, Yaoxisuanruan, dry cough, constipation, urinary disadvantage, kidney edema, loss of appetite, spleen and stomach embolism. (Reference Site: Fei Hua health network)

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