5 class nutrition men should pay attention to add

Pay attention to "nutrition" male Have the following new knowledge:

First, add two vitamins - vitamin b6, folic acid Homocysteine ​​is one of the risk factors for heart disease and stroke in recent years. It helps to break down homocysteine. Vitamin b6 is more common in chickens, fish, whole grains and legumes. cereal food in. Second, the protein should be enough to stop For the pursuit of muscular, eat high protein content food More common in men. In fact, in addition to the intensity of exercise, most men do not need to add too much protein, daily moderate amount of meat, poultry, fish, soy products, coupled with the right amount of low-fat dairy products is enough.

Three, not in the iron on their brains Men in the real shortage of less than 1%, so do not have to worry about how to iron. First, the iron may be covered by visceral bleeding to the people disease information. Most men if there is iron deficiency anemia , The body is likely to also hide the visceral chronic bleeding or hematopoietic disorders of the hidden dangers. If you do not find the reasons for iron deficiency and blind iron, will delay the timing of diagnosis and treatment. Second, with female Compared to men can not afford to overload the iron supply. When the body of iron in the "full tank" state, women can be released by menstruation excessive iron load, while men do not have this advantage, easy iron full of suffering. If at the same time suffering from hemochromatosis, excessive iron will be deposited in the tissues and organs, right health Form a threat. Fourth, should increase the intake of antioxidants Antioxidants (especially vitamin e), can prevent free radical donations to damage the blood vessel wall, thus prevention Cholesterol is blocked and helps against confrontation Coronary heart disease The Coarse grains, nuts, vegetable oils are almost all contain vitamin e. Therefore, men eat more food such food. Five, concerned about the forgotten zinc Zinc, is the body of the active ingredients of various enzymes, to adjust the immune system function, promote growth and development is very important. However, according to the latest US government survey shows that men in the zinc actually more than 2/3. Therefore, men should pay attention to intake of seafood, lean meat, coarse grains and legumes.

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