Diet to lose the four bad habits which good habits to keep

Everyone can not leave every day to eat, to maintain good eating habits is very important. Because it is the basis of human survival, eating habits also affect our body health The In life, some of you think that healthy eating habits may not be right, such as eating only low fat food , Love to drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice and so on.

Diet need to abandon the four bad habits

Error 1: eat only low-fat foods The Although they are more than usual food Calories slightly lower, but will make you feel hungry soon, eat more. If you want to maintain normal metabolism, daily food to maintain a certain amount of fat, can eat more nuts, fish and butter and so on.

Error 2: love to drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice The Fruit and vegetable juice in the process of pressing, will damage the satiety can produce cellulose, and sugar has been retained. Often drink fruit and vegetable juice easy energy shortage, mood swings, but also may lead to muscle groups due to lack of protein and atrophy.

Error 3: eat only egg White The To control cholesterol, many people do not eat egg yolk. Studies have shown that cholesterol levels of normal people, eating whole eggs are more comprehensive intake of nutrients, Coronary heart disease , Hyperlipidemia Disease and other patients to eat a day egg yolk relationship is not large.

Error 4: dare not use microwave heating food The Microwave oven is the microwave energy through the rapid movement of food molecules to achieve heating effect. Regardless of the use of microwave ovens, stoves or other cooking utensils, will damage some nutrition. On the contrary, the microwave oven due to short time, but can better maintain the food in the vitamin.

Abandoned these bad habits of the above, that daily diet which habits we should adhere to it?

The same time as the above- 5 good eating habits to keep

The same time as the above- 1, drink two glasses of water before each meal The Control weight, for most people is a "protracted war." Not long ago, the researchers found that drinking two cups of water before meals can reduce hunger and food intake, than dieting to lose weight more obvious.

2, raw onions to prevent heart disease The Many people will carefully pick up the onion when eating, which is wrong. Professor of Cardiology, Harvard Medical School, USA Dr. Golwell said that the onion contains a large number of flavonoids that protect the heart, eat half a day, or drink the same amount of onion juice, which can increase about 30% of "good cholesterol" in heart patients. Especially when you eat barbecue meat is not so healthy, the inside of the onion like your "life-saving grass."

3, dark fruit anti-aging The When you buy fruit, you can not decide your mind. Compared to light fruit, dark fruit contains more antioxidants, vitamins, selenium, iron, calcium, zinc and other substances, with anti-cancer, anti-cancer, anti-aging effect The

4, dinner is much better than late The Ministry of Health chief health consultant Professor Hong Zhaoguang said that the peak of the body calcium is 4-5 hours after dinner, dinner too late, not only affect sleep, hoarding heat, and easily lead to urinary tract stones. The elderly The best time for dinner is best at six in the afternoon and should not eat or eat supper.

5, eating time to regular and regular, to prevent hunger and the impermanence The Every day to eat three meals a day Some office workers do not eat early, over time, easy because of bile can not have regular excretion and suffering from gallstones. Some young people get up too late, in order to avoid late work, while walking to eat, over time easy to cause indigestion.

Our lives can not be separated from the diet, our physical health is also inseparable from the healthy eating habits.

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