Three bad habits hurt your kidneys at all times

When it comes to male What is the most important organ, many people will think of the kidney, because the kidney is not only the dominant physical function of men, but also a key to ensure the ability of sex. But in recent years, many men have not paid much attention to the kidneys health The kidneys have been hurt so we must protect the health of our kidneys. There are a lot of bad habits in the daytime that can hurt the kidneys, so we need to avoid them. Then do you know what are the bad habits that hurt the kidneys?

What are the actions of kidney injury? How to raise kidney? What to eat for kidney?

The bad habit of hurting the kidney

Drink strong tea hangover

Many men will choose to drink strong tea after drinking, although this is a bit effective, but it will hurt the kidneys. Because theophylline in tea has a diuretic effect. At this time, when we drink tea, it is easy to urinate. When we drink tea after drinking, it will make the alcohol not completely decomposed into the kidney, causing the kidney to be stimulated by a large amount of ethanol. It hurts the function of the kidneys.

High salt diet

For the diet, most of the men eat more and more heavy flavors, basically all belong to the high-salt diet, and when we take too much salt, it will make the blood pressure rise, so that the kidneys do not get enough Blood support eventually led to kidney disease.

What are the actions of kidney injury? How to raise kidney? What to eat for kidney?

Excessive drink

Drinking water is basically bland, and the various tastes of beverages are welcomed by everyone. However, there are many beverages that are basically highly acidic beverages. When the human body ingests them, the pH of the body will change. The kidneys play a role in regulating the body's pH, which makes it very easy to put a heavy burden on our kidneys.

Kidney Therapy

Lamb Dixian Soup

Materials: Lamb, Curculigo, Epimedium, Ginger.

Practice: Wash the cuttlewort, semen spleen and ginger, respectively, chopped, and then placed inside the yarn bag, and then tightly tied the bag mouth; lamb washed and cut into pieces. Pour clear water into the pan, then put it in the gauze, boil it for half an hour and slowly stew the lamb. Wait until the mutton is stewed and add the seasoning.

What are the actions of kidney injury? How to raise kidney? What to eat for kidney?

Pork kidney soup

Materials: Pork loin, Eucommia ulmoides, walnuts.

Practice: Wash the pig's kidney first and then slice it. Remove the eucommia and walnuts. Pour appropriate amount of fresh water into the pot, boil it, pour all the ingredients into it, boil it with the fire, and finally boil it over a low heat until the pork loin is cooked. Add some seasoning.

Jujube longan porridge

Material: red dates, longan, stem rice.

Practice: Wash the chopped red dates, then wash the chopped meat with longan, and wash the stems. Pour appropriate amount of water into the pot, boil it, put in all the ingredients, and slowly boil it until it's cooked. ( 99 Health Network ( Zhuangao, if you need to reprint, please indicate the source. )

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