Eye fatigue is so effective

Nowadays, many office workers have to face the computer every day. When they come home from work, they still face the mobile phone or computer for entertainment. As a result, fatigue caused by excessive use of eyes. Need to be relieved in time so as not to cause various eye disease . Then, eye fatigue treatment What are the methods? Let's go down and look!

How to treat eye fatigue What is the treatment of eye fatigue What are the hazards of eye fatigue?

How to treat eye fatigue

1, far-sightedness of eye fatigue treatment

Role: To improve the concentration of eye muscles, effectively relieve fatigue caused by staring at a certain point for a long time.

Action: Any comfortable sitting or standing position, relaxing shoulders, vertical back. Hands and arms are shoulder-height. The right arm stretches out, the right hand makes a fist, and the thumb stands up. The left arm flexes from the joint and the left thumb points to the bridge of the nose. Keep your neck still and your eyes look at your right thumb and move back to your left thumb. Practice after 10-20 rests. A "hot palm" exercise can help to relax.

2, hot eye therapy treatment of eye fatigue

Role: Relax eye nerve . Effectively relieve eye fatigue.

Action: Any comfortable sitting or standing position. Relax your shoulders, straighten your back and put your palms together. Quickly place your palms against each other. Open the palm of your hand and hold your palms in front of your eyes. Keep your hands open and keep your eyes open. Slowly open your eyes and feel the heat in your palms. The number of exercises can be determined based on the degree of eye fatigue.

How to treat eye fatigue What is the treatment of eye fatigue What are the hazards of eye fatigue?

3, eye fatigue treatment of diet therapy

3.1, Vitamin A: Needless to say, vitamin A, known as "requiring eye protection," is prevention The best prescriptions for dry eyes, vision loss, and night blindness are found in carrots, green and yellow vegetables and red dates.

3.2, Vitamin B: Vitamin B is one of the major sources of optic nerve nutrition. If vitamin B1 is not enough, it can easily cause eye fatigue, and if vitamin B2 is insufficient, it can easily lead to keratitis. Therefore, it is recommended that you eat more sesame, soy, wheat germ, and fresh milk that are rich in vitamin B. food .

3.3. wolfberry fruit: The therapeutic effect of wolfberry fruit Qingganming has long been known, because it is rich in carotene, vitamins A, B1, B2, C, calcium, iron, etc. health The necessary nutrition for the eyes.

3.3.1, dumplings + rice: After congee, add a little sugar, can cure blurred vision and tearing.

3.3.2, Gardenia + Chrysanthemum: Brew with hot water to make eyes relaxed and bright.

3.3.3, dumplings + liver: soup with heat, eliminate eye astringent, eliminate dark circles due to stay up all night. Cassia has Liver eyesight and intestines effect Can improve eye swelling, red tears and prevent vision loss.

How to treat eye fatigue What is the treatment of eye fatigue What are the hazards of eye fatigue?

Eye fatigue

1, nervous tension will make the eyes swollen, chronic optic nerve function decline.

2. The reduction in blinking movements causes excessive evaporation of tears on the surface of the eye, and it is too late to be supplemented in time, causing inflammation on the surface of the eyeball for a long time.

3. For adolescents, long-term use of a computer at a short distance will cause a paralysis and not see the distance, leading to true myopia.

4. For people over the age of 45, the decline in the ability to regulate the eyes will lead to presbyopia, near-distant visual fatigue, and not lasting eye.

5, long-term look at the computer will fatigue symptom Increased, may also induce myopia, glaucoma, cataracts and other eye diseases.

6, eye fatigue can be eye-catching eyes help to eliminate eye fatigue, eye-catching eyes generate far-infrared resonance to promote eye blood circulation to adjust blood flow, clear eye metabolic waste, improve vision and make vision more clearly. (Reference website: Minfu Health Network)

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