Men appear to eat these five symptoms of kidney diet conditioning

The company is located in: Kidney deficiency The word is like a man's taboo, the most reluctant to hear the word man kidney, of course, do not want to happen to their own body. So what are the manifestations of men's kidney it? This issue is not only a special concern for men, as his partner should also very much like to understand, then we take a look at men in the end what are the manifestations of kidney it!

Kidney deficiency how to do What are the symptoms of kidney what to eat good

Kidney deficiency symptom

1, aversion to cold

No matter how many clothes you wear, or in the winter, you feel chilly, usually showing a warm blanket in winter, or you feel chilly in the hot summer sun.

2, excessive sexual intercourse

Chinese medicine that kidney possession of fine, hidden in the kidney essence, excessive sexual intercourse will lead to the essence of excretion, resulting in early symptoms, and even lead to mallow. At the same time, excessive kidney deficiency caused by excessive sexual intercourse is often kidney yang.

3, dizziness, insomnia and more dream

Chinese medicine that there is a great relationship between the kidneys and other organs, if other organs permanently healed, it is possible to cause kidney involvement, causing kidney disease , Resulting in dizziness, insomnia and other diseases.

Kidney deficiency how to do What are the symptoms of kidney what to eat good

4, asthma

From the TCM point of view, the kidneys are the place to breathe air. If there is a problem with the kidneys, you can not breathe well and you will not breathe well. In the case of more and more serious condition, it will appear cold , And even asthma and other malignant diseases.

5, Low back pain

Kidney deficiency can generally cause low back pain, but low back pain may not be caused by kidney deficiency, because back pain is divided into external and internal factors. From the internal point of view, there may be caused by birth defects, it may also be pregnant, mothers did not give enough nutrition caused. From an external point of view, it may be caused by work and life, such as a long time sitting in front of the computer, it is very likely to have low back pain.

Chinese medicine conditioning kidney therapeutic side

Eucommia waist flower

Eucommia 12 grams, boiling filtration standby, a pair of pig's waist, to the endometrium, cut into the waist flower, with Eucommia liquid sauce seasoning sauce, add onion ginger salt consumption after eating. A liver and kidney, strong bones, lower blood pressure, suitable for use The elderly Kidney deficiency low back pain due to lack of liver and kidney, weakness of lumbar and knee, dizziness and tinnitus, high blood pressure.

Kidney deficiency how to do What are the symptoms of kidney what to eat good

Wolfberry pork waist porridge

Medlar 10 grams, a pig kidney (to the intima, chopped), 100 grams of rice, onion ginger a little salt, with Zhu Chengyu. Beneficial kidney yin kidney yang, solid essence of the role of strong waist, suitable for kidney fatigue, yin and yang deficiency caused by lumbar spine pain, weak waist, leg weakness, dizziness, tinnitus, etc., the side is more classic diet kidney room Of the party.

Fried walnut

Walnut 10 grams, savory chewing food. A kidney warming lungs, laxative effect, apply to the kidney weak waist pain, or asthma cough and asthma constipation By.

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Eggs 1, to the core lotus seeds, Gorgon, the yam of 9 grams, amount of sugar. Fried medicine soup, eat eggs soup. Indications kidney.

Antlers porridge

Antlers 6 grams, 100 grams of japonica rice, porridge will be boiled rice, the antler glue broken into the hot porridge dissolved, add sugar amount. A kidney yang, essence and essence of the role of blood for less than kidney yang, essence and thin blood caused by wasting thin, Yaoxisuanruan, pain, sequelae, impotence and other impotence. (Reference Site: Old Man Network)

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