Let your short life 20 small details of life

1, do not eat fruit immediately after a meal.

Now to the restaurant consumption, always in the meal to enjoy a plate or fine or poor fruit. But if you digest the function is sound, health , It should immediately give up the gift. Because the dinner from your mouth to digest the end, you need at least 2 hours. Then immediately after eating the fruit will stagnate in the stomach, so that have not had time to be digested in your stomach fermentation. Then your stomach will produce a lot of gas, in addition to causing bloating, but also lead to fart.

2, before the first disinfection of rent.

If you still rent a family, then be careful! Because "second - hand housing" is the most disease The source of the spread, especially in the most easily spread the virus in the spring. In China, almost no owners will be in the rental housing before the housing disinfection, and mites, influenza virus, Hepatitis B Viruses, mold and so can survive at room temperature for a long time. Especially the walls, beds, wardrobe, toilet, wash basin these places, should be carefully disinfected, as air conditioning, washing machines, Drinking water Machine is to ask someone to disinfect.

3, do not fitness in the gym.

Of course, here refers to the poor air flow of the gym. Because this gym is filled with other people out of the exhaust, the toxins, and you are in the state of exercise, the most easily absorbed into these exhaust and toxins, not only can not play the role of fitness, but let the body suffer. So, either choose a good air flow of the gym, or simply in the outdoor sports, especially lush green park, it is not the grandfather of the grandmother's fitness dedicated.

4, limited Drink water The

Hong Kong Chinese University, Dr. Chen Nan said: drinking water every day is not the better! Your body is a balanced system, your kidneys can only discharge 800-1000 ml of water per hour. 1 hour of drinking water more than 1000 ml, will lead to hyponatremia.

5, do not drink when tired coffee ,smokes.

Try not to drink coffee or smoke in the body when you are particularly tired, otherwise it will cause irreversible damage to the cardiovascular system, palpitations, palpitation is serious symptom which performed. Especially not in the fatigue when drinking coffee and smoking, or not only the damage to the body is doubled, the unique flavor of coffee and ingredients will increase your desire for cigarettes!

6, no time to brush your teeth.

You insist on brushing your teeth every morning and evening, but when you sleep Mouth The speed of bacteria in the breeding day is only 60% of the day, in other words, during the day your mouth also need care, no time to brush your teeth, but do not brush your teeth immediately after the meal, the best arrangements for half an hour after the meal, so to prevent Damage to enamel. Especially after eating potato chips or potato chips, but also pay attention to brushing care.

7, during the medication must be forbidden wine.

New Zealand Physics treatment Shi Smith said: medication must be forbidden during the period, even if you eat just simple cold Medicine, vitamins, even if you drink only the most moderate champagne, red wine! Because alcohol will not only affect the efficacy, but also the side effects of drugs to enlarge several times, more likely to react with drugs to produce toxicants.

The same time as the above- 8, must use warm water to wash your face.

Be sure to use warm water to wash your face, do not plan to save trouble with cold water, or pores suddenly stimulate the contraction, which can not be promptly cleared of oil, will lead to acne. Do not use too hot water, or facial skin rapid expansion, then easy to early wrinkles.

9, insomnia because of calcium deficiency.

The consequences of calcium deficiency is not just leg cramps, forgetfulness, walking God, insomnia are also by-products of calcium deficiency. Because adequate calcium can inhibit the abnormal excitement of the brain, calcium deficiency will affect the normal metabolism of brain neurons. The best food for calcium supplements for the brain is beans, such as soybeans, tofu, etc., but the effect of soy milk is not good, because soy milk contains a small amount of lactose will affect the role of calcium in the brain neurons.

The same time as the above- 10, throw away the detox pills.

Get angry Long acne Taking those detoxification Qu gun effect is not obvious, and because the stimulation of the intestine, but may increase the nutritional imbalance in the human body. In fact, from the nutritional point of view, the most effective way to reduce the fire is to temporarily give up drinking and drinking coffee, drink plenty of water and eat less fat foods.

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