How to improve the quality of sperm

The same time as the above- 1, wear pants to pay attention

Do not wear tight trousers, of course, do not wear too tight underwear. Too tight pants, synthetic materials and too high temperatures have been proven to be affected male The reproductive capacity. So find a loose cotton boxing shorts now! In addition, let the baby keep "cool". The reason why the male testicles installed in the scrotum inside, very important reason is that the testis can be lower than the temperature of the body temperature, so that the testicles can work properly yo.

Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the scrotum area need to be lower than the body temperature 4 ℃ it! Remember, whether at work, at home or in the driver's seat, sedentary will raise the temperature of the scrotum, thus affecting sperm The production. If there is a need for a long time sitting work, then often take a break, and free should try to choose those who do not need to sit the activities.

The same time as the above- 2, the climate can also affect him

Some experts point out that climate, season, country, geography, and different years can affect the number of sperm and the reproductive capacity of boys. A study shows that the number of spermatozoa in men is much higher in New York than in Los Angeles, much higher in Finland than in the UK.

The same time as the above- 3, do not say to the hot water bath

Witch 's nagging is the husband' s treasure. If he likes to wash the hot water bath, your nagging should be useful! Often hot water bath can reduce the number of sperm. Staying above 40 ° C in hot water for half an hour will reduce his sperm count. So take him out of the bathtub and let him go to the shower. Of course, sauna, steam room and swirl warm water bath should also be avoided.

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