Eat more meat so that men never suffer kidney deficiency of the six major performance

Now more and more men in life suffer from disease , Waist and leg pain, liver and kidney deficiency, which requires men to start eating Health , Bushen impotence, Gushen Yijing. So, in our lives, what are the impotence food What? Next, a specific introduction.

The same time as the above- 1, quail

Quail meat is not only crisp and delicious, but also nutritious. Quail meat and quail eggs contain a variety of essential amino acids, inorganic salts and so on. With the benefits of kidney qi, strong waist and knee role, is to nourish the wonderful product.

2, pigeon meat

Pigeon, also known as "white phoenix", male and female mating is very frequent, very strong breeding ability. Pigeons and pigeons are rich in protein, chondroitin, vitamins and iron, zinc and other nutrients. With kidney fill fine, warm Yang Qi role.

3, mutton

"Herbal Supplements", the lamb and ginseng par, that it is warm, strong, strong meat products. Modern nutrition also confirmed that lamb is not only nutritious, but also contains a trace of sex hormones, there is indeed aphrodisiac effect. However, mutton should not be with vinegar, tea with food, otherwise it will reduce the impotence effect, produce tannic acid protein, triggering constipation The

4, donkey meat

As the saying goes: "dragon meat on the ground, donkey on the ground." Donkey meat taste delicate, is a high protein, low fat meat. Chinese medicine believes that donkey meat with tonic blood, nourishing liver and kidney effect The adult male Eat donkey meat can improve the liver and kidney caused by lack of waist and knee soft and so on symptom The

Above these aphrodisiac food, including lamb, donkey meat, quail meat, pigeon meat can play a kidney impotence, nourishing the effect of liver and kidney, are nourishing tonic. Recommended a reasonable intake of men with a reasonable mix, to develop good habits and psychological habits, prevention The occurrence of the disease.

The same time as the above- The performance of the man's kidney deficiency

Symptoms 1: frequent nocturia

The general number of nocturia in more than 2 times, or urine more than 1/4 of the day, severe nocturnal urine once a day, urine output close to or more than the amount of urine during the day, there is such a situation is "nocturnal polyuria." Daytime normal urine, night more than urine, it is the characteristics of this disease, mostly caused by kidney weakness.

The same time as the above- Symptom 2: sexual function decline

In Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine that kidney essence, the body of the various organs of the system play a nourishing, revitalizing the role. Moreover, the Chinese medicine that kidney essence of kidney yin and kidney, the two coordinated with each other, with each other to maintain the physiological balance of the human body. If this balance out of control, the male sexual function has a certain negative impact. Men will appear Premature ejaculation , Impotence Slippery and other diseases.

Symptoms 3: low back pain

Low back pain is basically kidney deficiency, can be divided into internal injuries and strain. Internal injury kidney deficiency generally refers to congenital deficiency, chronic illness physically weak or fatigue caused by excessive. The use of computers, driving, etc.), for a long time will damage the kidney qi, resulting in heavy body weight, or long-term work in the same fixed position Lack of kidney essence.

Symptoms 4: insomnia and more dreams

Kidney is one of the vital organs of the human body, and the regulation of human body plays an important role. If the kidney is damaged, will lead to the human body is difficult to sleep or insomnia, in addition, the patient is also easy to be troubled by the dream, frequent dreams, seriously disrupting the patient's schedule, the patient is an unbearable torture. In addition, it will induce other diseases, such as chronic hepatitis, high blood pressure, the destruction of human health is more serious.

Symptoms 5: cold

Kidney patients are more sensitive to the feeling of cold and wind, heart will be a little afraid of this feeling. A wind and frozen, the patient is easy to hand and foot cold, like feeling the same in the winter, but also cold to elbow, knee and other joints. In addition, the patient will easily feel the spirit of fatigue, back pain and other kidney symptoms.

The same time as the above- Symptoms 6: induced asthma disease

Kidney damage caused by kidney deficiency, will affect the kidney "satisfied gas" function. Satisfied gas function decline, it is easy to cause the patient breathing time is short, exhaled gas and more inhaled gas, leading to the patient can not breathe smoothly. And, with the development of the disease, continue to deteriorate, will lead to severe asthma disease, increase the degree of physical damage.

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