What foods can increase male hormones

Male hormones will gradually reduce with the spring and autumn, in fact, when the men arrived at the age of 55, about 30% of men have the problem of male hormone loss. Since male hormones are so important to men, then men should not be taken seriously?

How to Know male hormones The Male hormones in the men after adolescence to make a lot of secretion, which dominates the male sexual organs of the development and maturity, but it also affects the development of men's body muscles, On the contrary, when the male hormone is low, it will make the parties muscle atrophy, osteoporosis, burnout and loss of sexual interest. Recently, some studies have pointed out that when the male hormone is too low, the parties get the chance of heart disease will be significantly increased, the emotional impact of men are also large, for men health ,These ones food Be sure to know

The same time as the above- What food can be Increase male hormones :

The same time as the above- 1, water

75% of the human brain is water, dehydration of the first organ is the brain, too little water, people will feel tired, unresponsive. If the use of drinks or soup to add the body of water, will increase the heat, so that the body fat. So between meals and meals Drink water The Drink at least about 2000 milliliters of water a day.

The same time as the above- 2, tomatoes

The sourness of tomatoes can promote gastric secretion, help digestion of protein and so on. Tomatoes rich in vitamin C can produce bone collagen, strong blood vessels.

3, carrot

Carotene in the body changes into vitamin A, improve the body's resistance, inhibit the deterioration of cells caused by reactive oxygen species. Carrot is rich in potassium, with the role of lowering blood pressure. Carotene can also be prevention cancer The

4, soybeans

Soybean contains plant hormones that are beneficial female At the same time, soybeans are also excellent for men food The Japanese men who eat soy products, suffering from prostate The probability of cancer is lower than that of men in Western countries. Soy is also effective in improving male bone loss. Men over 60 years old, bone will begin to lose, the situation and menopausal women as serious. Eat soybeans can add lecithin. Lecithin has been shown to be associated with short-term memory and learning ability.

The same time as the above- 5, high vitamin C food

Male after 24 years old sperm The quality and quantity are downhill, if there is a kind of old drug can make the aging sperm again full of vitality, that is, vitamin C. High vitamin C foods are kiwi, oranges, broccoli, asparagus and so on. Vitamin C can assist in the secretion of adrenaline cortisol (a stress-resistant hormone) that can fight against stress.

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