Are men sexy too? Which of the 8 types are you in

Although a man may look handsome when he likes to talk to a woman, whether or not she is sexy is more than just looking at her face. What kind of man is the sexiest? "Life Times" integrated British " male The magazine’s report summed up some coups that helped to increase the attractiveness of men. Male compatriots can only help you here.

Which men are more sexy Men are sexy What men are more popular

The most sexy man

1 pair Child Closer

A French study says that men who have a good play with their children get female The phone number is three times more likely than a man who ignores children. In fact, seeing men go baby Smile, tease children, women will have their own unintentional goodwill. The researchers said that the good behavior of the baby represents their willingness to devote love and energy to the children of the future.

2. Take photos with your buddies

A study at the University of California, San Diego, found that men’s group shots look better than singles. The researchers said that this is an effect called “cheerleader” and that women would feel that the men posing with other men are less disadvantaged and more sexy.

3, a little Hu Zi children

An Australian study found that women think that men with thick stubble look better than those who have a clean, shaggy face or beard. Scientists believe that the thick mustaches indicate that masculinity is just right.

4, help others

A Cornell University study found that women who have shown selfless character, such as participating in volunteer activities, have a stronger desire to date and can even hold hands for life. The researchers said that altruism represents concern for others, which also shows that he will have greater investment and commitment to marriage.

Which men are more sexy Men are sexy What men are more popular

5, dog

According to a French study, a man who walks a dog on the street is four times more likely than a single man to claim a phone number from a woman. The researchers said that puppies contribute to smooth social interaction. Moreover, the male dog will make the woman feel friendly, attentive and considerate, which will give the man a plus.

6, will some outdoor activities

A study at the University of Alaska, Anchorage, found that if a man could make a fire, climb a steep cliff, swim across a river, etc., women would consider it more attractive. This is because men who bear the risk of hunter-gathering are more competitive during the evolution process.

7, do not take a selfie

A survey of dating websites showed that men who took selfies on a marriage website lost 8% of their favored information.

8, maintain a good sitting position

British researchers found that women believed that sitting and relaxing men were more attractive than men who were lazy or sitting tight.

Which men are more sexy Men are sexy What men are more popular

The most popular types of men

Men who treat them well

There is no doubt that for her good she naturally feels out, once a friend said she likes to smoke, drink and beat his wife's man, feel that it is very macho, can end up arguing with her boyfriend to cry, why bother? This kind of abused young woman is actually not much. Most women still hope that you can treat her like a princess, so be kind to her!

A man who is willing to tease her

Humorous men generally eat young and young, all types of young girls and young women like the type, Zhou You Wang smiled for a hard time, can make their own smile of the wife is absolutely better than to send any gift to the actual. Make her happy, you can definitely try!

Caring gentle man

A meticulous gentle man can think of the man in front of her. The man who cooks and cooks every day should not think that such a man is good for nothing. Now it is no better than the past, gentle tenderness wife has become the mainstream, it is estimated that the majority of female compatriots will certainly see this will Definitely have a thumbs up! On the 2nd anniversary of her colleague's romance, her boyfriend brought flowers and mystery gifts to win a laugh. Even though laughingly saying that the gift is not practical, my heart must have blossomed, so being gentle and considerate is definitely welcome!

Confident and uncompromising man

Men need to be confident. This is a must. No woman is willing to spend a lifetime with an impassive man. However, self-confidence is not the same as self-confidence, he should be a few kilograms or two should be self-knowledge, if you can not say too much, this will make the girl feel insecure, in addition, conceited man must be very dismal! (Reference website: People's Network)

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