The ideal lover in the eyes of men

There are two kinds of women's cultivation effect Half is used to comfort oneself and half is used to please men. In love, the first impression is particularly important. So, what kind of woman will have a good reputation in the eyes of men?

The ideal lover in the eyes of men is what kind of woman men like men how to take off the single

The These 5 kinds are the ideal lover in the eyes of a man

First, high school students

Women like ‘heroes’, men like ‘talents’ and have been doing so since ancient times. Why does a talented woman have a good reputation? It stems from men’s fear of knowledge. In today’s world, the most direct way to show a woman’s talent is to give her diploma.

Of course, the announcement of a diploma need not be solemnly announced, nor should it be mentioned frequently, otherwise the man will feel that you are showing off.

In order to make it impossible for men to feel that you are showing off diplomas, the most effective way is to speak with a man, speak words that match your diploma, and consciously tell the man something interesting about your college days. The man will take the initiative to ask you where to go to school in order to increase men's awe and goodwill.

Second, Su Yanmei

Many women think that the sex act of actress under the spotlight is used to incite men, but the actress will tell you the truth. Their sexyness is job demand. In fact, they are simply dressed in their daily lives.

However, not all girls understand this principle. For this reason, some women will try to attract men's attention and dress themselves in the direction of showing off.

Women do indeed attract men's eyeballs, and it is easy for men to think of them. However, men's impulse to occupy such women for a moment will definitely not hold long-term thinking. For this reason, when men are looking for a marriage partner, they will still give preference to women.

Third, not much talk

Woman, never linger in front of men, to be a cold woman is actually very good for men. On the one hand, it can increase mystery; on the other hand, it will make men feel that you are not in trouble. Few words do not mean that everything is forgiven.

Women who do not have a name have a blockbuster effect. In the world of dust, there are too many women who love them. For this reason, women who don’t talk much will be prominent in the men’s heaps, demonstrating the truth that things are rare.

It is best for women to be a competent listener before they fall in love. This way, they can avoid the evils of the mouth and find the men’s strengths and weaknesses in a state of calm. At the same time, they also allow men to conquer a little more. want.

The ideal lover in the eyes of men is what kind of woman men like men how to take off the single

Fourth, love

The kindness of a woman is not advertised by her, but a man needs to see with her own eyes. For example, whether or not to give seats to the elderly on the bus; for example, when crossing the road, whether to obey the traffic rules and see whether the elderly take the initiative to help; for example, when shopping, for the beggars attitude.

These details are a test of a person's love in the stage of love (for this reason, women's investment in these details of life is more worthwhile). It is true that the rhythm of life of everyone in society today is very fast. There are also many fraudsters in today’s society. For this reason, many people’s sense of self-protection is so strong that they can feel the indifference of humanity at any time. For this reason, most people feel that Cold between people. For this reason, love is particularly important.

Fifth, more simple

How complicated is the idea and how complex the world will be. Simple women are more likely to be merciful to men.

Utilitarianism is the label of many people in today's society. For this reason, the TV series runs counter to it, often presenting the love stories of 'stupid girl' and 'great wealthy handsome'.

Although real life does not want the exaggeration of TV dramas, even 'stupid girl' simply has no chance of squeezing into the life circle of 'Gao Fu Shuai'. However, in the circle of life that he can get involved with, there is still a reason to follow: Simpler girls always make men have an urge to deceive and even want to protect.

What to do to find a girlfriend

To learn how to avoid weaknesses

What kind of sensibility an honest person gives is not mediocre. You must not say that the other person is curious about you. I think this person is mysterious and interesting. I am interested in him. For example, if a person can paint, when you are with him, you can draw a comic for him. Some people say that I can play a zither. When you are with him, you can say that I use a zither. When you talk about a pop music for you, you can go for strengths and avoid weaknesses. In the eyes of others, in the brains of others, there is a clear position and invasion of his brain. What will happen? "Hey, he was the first person in my circle of friends who would play Guzheng and he played very well. This man is very interesting." "This man is the only one who draws cartoons for me. It's very fun to paint." Things are not difficult, and if you do such a thing, others will have an impression on you. You are not saying that there is absolutely no sense of being in the minds of others, and you do not know what you are doing. You have this man. What is worthy of him to understand, you want to make a woman interested in you, first of all, you must have characteristics.

The ideal lover in the eyes of men is what kind of woman men like men how to take off the single

Don't think of yourself as an honest person

You don't think I'm an honest person. If you think you're an honest person, you still think honesty is an advantage. If you think honesty is a competitive factor in love, then you're finished. You don't want to. Positioning yourself as an honest person, you think that in fact I am a character sultry, you would rather position yourself as a sultry man, and you should not feel like an honest person. You just said that I really like beautiful women. I just look sullen and can't express myself, but I like you. I like your beautiful girl. I think I see you every day. If you can be with such a girl every day, wow, that life is so beautiful, you just say so, because these things girls do not resent, he loves to listen to these things. What is the most important issue for honest people is to suppress themselves.

To cultivate their sense of honor

You have to cultivate your sense of honor. Another argument is the elite consciousness. Why don't you match now? You don't match what you want, or goddess, Bai Fumei. Do you think this type of girl doesn't match? What is the reason? You may say that you have no ability, no charm, but have you ever thought about this woman I am not sure now, I must have a way to get it done, I can not, I meet the conditions, meet the standards, I will be able to put him Get it, I just now, the current situation is not, but I think I'm a good person, and later I must think of ways to match him. You must have this kind of elite consciousness. You can't feel yourself. We say that even if you feel like you're pretentious, you can't feel that you're worthless. If you feel that you're pretentious, you can prove it. You're pretentious. You're going to If you look like this, I will not be worse than you. I will not believe that I cannot make you. Others can get someone to find one, and why not I can.

To say the simplest thing, to do things at ordinary times, you can do this thing well, do it well, make people more satisfied, better than others, we are talking about excellence is a habit, you will be in this In the process, people gradually praise you and approve of you. Then you will give more things to you. At this time, you will gradually give people not the kind of honest feeling, but you are very capable. You This person does not love to say more. You like to use it. You will get more respect from more people in this way. You will never say that you are honest in this situation. Other people may say that this person Just don't talk, but it's very capable. You have something to look for him. Others are fine.

Learn about sister paper through channels

Your colleagues who develop their own sense of honor will initially have the ability to attract girls and you will become more confident. In order to sell yourself out quickly, you must not only passively attract but also learn to take the initiative. After all, honest people's language expression is a short board, even if the favorite girl has the privilege to like you, I am afraid it is difficult to hold each other in words, so even if you speak less you must learn to speak. For example, through the channels, the sisters who know more about your target attributes will not let you pedal more than one boat. Instead, they will use exchanges for promotion. This will not only increase the social level, but also increase self-confidence. Coupled with your increasingly strong sense of honor, will the goddess be out of reach? (Reference website: Food therapy network)

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