Men who love the body of the woman

According to Taiwan media Reported that a study found that, female A variety of appearance characteristics, the hourglass-type body the most attractive male Note that the waist circumference and hip ratio of about 0.7 of women, than with fullness on the Wai and beautiful women, more likely to get men favor. Hourglass type female Good fertility New Zealand Victoria University anthropologist Dickson invited a group of male volunteers to watch the same female through digital imaging technology to deal with different proportions of body photos, with infrared cameras to track their eyes when watching photos of the movement, and asked them to compare these photos. Dixon found that men's favorite women almost always meet a standard, that is, waist-hip ratio is 0.7, "hourglass" body. He said that men see this hourglass waist and hip than the body of the woman, will no longer consider other appearance characteristics, it may be this perfect body will send a message to men, so that they feel that women's fertility The strongest and most productive health Of the offspring. The report has been published in the Sexuality Archives. Dixon also for example, the British supermodel Kate Moss, American actress Jessica, sexy goddess Marilyn dream And so on, are the perfect 0.7 waist and hip ratio of women. (Editor: Chen Pong)

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