Why do men want confidante?

Is a man on the vision to have a "confidante". So, this mysterious woman, she knows all the men what? Usually, the man brought "she", there is always a kind of inexplicable warmth and warmth of desire; and women mention it is always a high degree of vigilance, while secretly hope that one day he can also be raised to the height known as confidante The So, the "roots" to meet the men what psychological needs?

(A) to meet the desire to talk

The passage of time, most of the hearts of men more or less always some of the feelings of life and life of the troubles, these feelings and troubles or due to take care of their own images do not want to talk with his wife, or in the usual marriage and plain days Has gradually lost to his wife to talk and communicate the desire, but these things always need a vent export. And the emergence of confidant timely fill this gap, to meet their desire to talk.

(B) felt the warmth of being understood

Saying that homosexual repulsion, the opposite sex suck. People who can be called by a man are confused with men and have a common topic and point of view for some things. And snow and ice smart, considerate, often speak only toward the heart of the man said, and about what can be said on the idea. So that men feel the comfort and the warmth being understood. So that the spirit is more likely to produce positive resonance.

(C) to meet the man's desire to conquer

Since ancient times the hearts of men there is a strong desire to conquer, to conquer women, so that women respect, appreciate, worship for life a very sense of accomplishment in the family because of the mutual familiar between his wife and his wife generally can not give them Kind of feeling. And confidante and their words when the tone is very respected, eyes always flashing Ambilight's deep appreciation, the whole Flow of people Revealing the way he worshiped him, and thus deeply satisfied with their hearts as a man's sense of accomplishment.

(D) the spirit of a thorough relaxation

Confidante between his wife and lover, not like his wife is so intimate, cumbersome, there are a lot of things troubled, not as lovers so ambiguous, complex, men do not have economic and name points of the demands, but willing to do their selfless Listen to listen to his voice, to be a patient analyst to help him analyze his troubles, carefully share all his, so that men feel like a spring-like pleasure and no fetters easily.

(5) can fully ditch a man's romantic feelings

Can have nothing to talk about, talk heart song confidante can greatly meet the romantic feelings of men. When he was in the spare time, leisurely, often think of themselves in this world in addition to his wife, there is such a know him, understand him, and his soul of the opposite sex friends in silently concerned about everything, Miss all of his, the little heart is always quietly cherish his figure, the heart will always filled with a burst of warmth like water, infiltration of the heart has been indomitable.

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