Breakdown of today’s good men’s 10 standard

1, loyalty.

This needless to say, I believe that all the women do not want their own husband red apricot wall.

2, there is tolerance.

Can not find a stingy man, even if he loves you. But because of a little bit of jealousy, whether you are out of the public with the boss to enter the entertainment, or with many years of friends gathering, after you go home after the big noisy or gloomy face for a long time do not care about your man, must not be a good man. Of course, he will say that he is because you love jealous, but do not forget, love will give her freedom, do not do men in a variety of ways to disguise you stay at home to do only cooking and cooking housewife. Not to say that housewives are not good, but as the present society female , Have their own social circles, to be independent, self-reliance, can not give their free space men do not find.

3, the best man is the most important is strong.

Failed several times, to blame, sluggish, fell down the man can not afford to climb is not necessary. Good man to give his woman a sense of security, if you find a husband, can not take care of you, but also often in front of you complain about their own misfortune, so you can bear the pain he can actually save is a very failed.

4, a stable income.

Love is important, but it is based on bread. Not necessarily have to make money, can live to be protected. The so-called poor husband and wife Pepsi, if a man even the child's milk money can not get out, this month began to worry about the next month for the money, then you follow him only hardships.

5, big man spirit.

Here is the big man, not to say that machismo, the kind of home at home, do not do a good job, clothing to reach out to the mouth of the man is not desirable. Big man is that you are bullied outside, he can come forward, do not hesitate for your early, really protect you. Just this, the good man is worth your consideration entrusted for life.

6, have a sense of responsibility.

A good man must have a sense of responsibility, to do their own things to dare to bear their own, whether it is business or private affairs. The kind of man who goes to someone else is not only despicable and shameful.

7, strong social skills.

Not to say that must be active to see people laugh, see the hand to hold the kind of point, do not need him in the social aspects of a certain tough wrist, but can not shy shy. Go out with the entertainment, he only know that standing on the side of giggle, and can not find a topic to talk with your colleagues, everything you need to come out to support the scene of the man, will make you face no light.

8, there is a peace of mind The

The world has become accustomed to the success of a person's business to measure the value of a person. In fact, the value of a person lies in whether his presence is important to others. Even if that person can not achieve the same achievements as others in his career, his ordinary life is as important as the people around him. If a man can not be a peace of mind to look at their own gains and losses, all day cynical, strange social injustice, blame life, then you will be with him will affect your mind, easy to extreme, give you a huge psychological The pressure that leads you to unhappy life.

9, careful and fun.

He can not remember your uncle aunt Sangu four aunt's birthday, but your birthday and wedding anniversary must remember that these two days in the marriage is very important. Can go out romantic, there are gifts received the best.

10, the body health The

Do not ask the man how tall and mighty, but must be healthy and healthy. A woman a little bit of physical problems, can be called fragile, if a man all day sick unhappy, you say like words.

If you have more than ten, congratulations you have become the best man, is a worthy woman entrusted to life for a man, I believe you will be a lot of women of all ages.

(Editor: Wang Shaohua)

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