Which eight examinations should be done by a 30-year-old man

30 years old male In the key stage of establishing a business, in order to keep "revolutionary capital", it can be Medical examination Do the following 8 items an examination !

What do 30-year-old men do? What men's health check-up projects do men need to do?

1. Heart

"The 30-year-old man and the 60-year-old heart" are used by some young men who work overtime all the time, have unreasonable dietary patterns, live in irregular conditions, and have great work pressure. In recent years, the direct cause of frequent deaths of corporate executives and white-collar elites has been a problem with the cardiovascular system.

If chest pain, arm numbness occurs symptom , regardless of age, should check the heart health situation.

2, blood lipids

Smoking, drinking, high fat and high fever food Excessive intake can lead to High cholesterol , It can cause myocardial infarction, high blood pressure, Fatty liver , diabetes , chronic kidney disease, etc. disease . Therefore, even if there are no symptoms, young men should also check for normal blood lipids.

3, blood pressure

When blood pressure is not taken seriously in young age, etc., eventually leading to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular damage, resulting in high morbidity and mortality.

In addition to smoking cessation of alcohol, young people should take regular blood pressure to understand their blood pressure levels, but also should maintain a good mental state to work, there must be a good way to relieve stress. Once people are diagnosed with hypertension, do remember to treat them for life.

What do 30-year-old men do? What men's health check-up projects do men need to do?

4, blood sugar

A high-fat, low-exercise lifestyle leads to the prevalence of diabetes among young people. Those who are overweight and waistline are too thick to check their blood sugar levels. They should also control the intake of high-calorie, high-fat foods, increase the amount of exercise, and actively lose weight. If the blood sugar is not controlled properly, retina and kidneys will appear within 10 years. Other aspects of the disease, but also lead to cardiovascular disease.

The 5, liver function

Young people are very active in communication, but drinking more of the most damage to the liver, coupled with excessive intake of fatty foods, young people in the liver, fatty liver are more and more people. Remind young people that if these diseases are not treated in time, long-term development can lead to cirrhosis.

Young people should check liver and hepatitis B three times a year. Those without hepatitis B antibodies should be given hepatitis B vaccine. Those who have abnormal liver function should exercise moderately. They should exercise at least 40 minutes a day. It is advisable to use aerobic exercise such as brisk walking and jogging. Perform intense aerobic exercise.

The 6, lung

Lung cancer accounts for the highest incidence of cancer and mortality in the world. The incidence of lung cancer in China accounts for the highest in the world. Long-term chronic cough, even mild dry cough, should also take a chest radiograph or ct for lung examination.

What do 30-year-old men do? What men's health check-up projects do men need to do?

The 7, cervical spine

The incidence of cervical spondylosis among young people in their 30s is increasing year by year.

The neck stiffens, stiffens, the upper limbs become heavy and weak, and there are progressive numbness of the limbs. It is highly doubtful that cervical lesions occur and go to the orthopaedic department to check, reminding long-term desk workers to develop good sitting postures. Increase physical activity, work about 40 minutes should stand up activities limbs and cervical spine.

8, sleep

Young people should ensure 7-8 hours of effective sleep every day. However, due to stress and work pressure, some white-collar workers have poor sleep quality, and lack of sleep causes excessive human consumption. Lack of long-term sleep can increase the incidence of malignant tumors.

These are the checks that a 30-year-old man should do. For your health, it is hoped that male compatriots will be able to check in time. If problems are discovered, they should be promptly treated! (Reference site: National Health Network)

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