What is the self-test method for male infertility

In the case of male The reason for infertility is in addition to our well-known physiology disease Outside, there are some you do not care about the bad habits of life may also lead to infertility occurred Oh Today, Come and Xiaobian together to see what are it

男人不育的检查方法 男人不育的自检方法 男人不育怎么检查

In the case of Male infertility self - test method

The causes of male infertility mainly focus on genetic, sex hormone abnormalities, varicocele, reproductive tract infection, cryptorchidism, bad habits and external pollution and other aspects. If men know some simple fertility knowledge and self-test method, can be effective self-examination.

男人不育的检查方法 男人不育的自检方法 男人不育怎么检查

If along the sperm from the top down gently touch and found the scrotum there are large groups of earthworm-like soft and tortuous clumps, it should be noted that this may be varicocele. It will make the testicular temperature rise, venous blood stasis affect the testicular metabolism, thus interfering with spermatogenesis, resulting in semen decline in quality.

If the testicular swelling, pain, remission after the testis gradually reduced, it may be testicular torsion or testicular inflammation after atrophy. This is often accompanied by irreversible damage to spermatogenic cells. If the testis failed to fall into the scrotum and stay in the abdominal cavity, known as cryptorchidism. Intraperitoneal high temperature is not conducive to sperm The risk of testicular malignancy is also greatly increased.

男人不育的检查方法 男人不育的自检方法 男人不育怎么检查

Observation of semen can also be part of the reaction fertility. Normal semen is gray or slightly yellow. If there is pink, red, compared with bloody semen. Normal semen volume of 2-6 ml, more than 7 ml was too much, not only the sperm density will become low, but also easy to female Vaginal discharge, resulting in a lower total number of sperm. If the total semen less than 2 ml, the amount of semen less, less than 1 ml is too small, easily lead to infertility. General semen injection, 15-30 minutes will become liquid, if more than 30 minutes still can not change the shape, in the clinical Called semen is not liquefied, but also infertility incentives.

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