Male disease check which should be checked

In order to fully understand the condition, analyze the cause, the doctor will ask the patient in detail in order to provide a reliable clue to the diagnosis.

Ask the history of the contents are:

(1) the general situation, that is, occupation, hobby, working environment;

(2) past history: that is what happened in the past disease ;

(3) the history of marriage and sexual life;

(4) family history: whether the genetic disease.

The main disease of male disease symptom More performance for the pain, tumor, sexual function changes and so on. When asked, it is necessary to explain the nature of the pain, the extent of the length of time, local pain or radiation pain; have to highlight the tumor when the specific parts of the tumor; in the sexual function changes, there are organic reasons, there are mental factors , So the disease should be clearly described.

Asked after the medical history, you can carry out physical an examination The In the physical examination, the doctor will be asked according to the history of the clues to master the physical examination. Physical examination of male diseases includes general examination and examination of genital organs. Body examination, such as heart, lung, liver, spleen, kidney and other abnormalities, in particular, can not ignore the height, weight, development and nutritional status, hair pubic hair distribution, etc., with or without endocrine and genetic abnormalities. The examination method is the same as the physical examination of the general disease.

Reproductive organs have an important place in the physical examination of male diseases. Check the contents of the penis, urethra, testis, epididymis, spermatic cord, prostate Organ check. male Reproductive organ inspection is based on prospecting and palpation. Lookout is a doctor with a visual observation of the patient's body or local performance. Can be used by other means to see whether the penis is a serious phimosis, penis size, with or without induration, inflammation, cancer, dysplasia; scrotum with or without edema; urethra with difficulty urinating, fistula hole, cleft, induration and stenosis Whether secretions.

In addition to the above can be seen through the inspection, some need to use palpation method to check. Palpation is a way for a doctor to diagnose by hand. Such as the examination of the prostate can be through the anus referral, check its size, with or without hypertrophy, induration, mass, etc., but also through the massage prostate collection of prostate fluid to send laboratory tests. Testicular examination, including testicular size, hardness, with or without induration, tenderness, hydrocele, tumor, whether the cryptorchidism. Spermatic cord examination, including the hardness of the vas deferens, with or without induration, tenderness and whether the varicocele and so on.

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