It is the hardest to take off the single constellation left man. Are you one of them?

Lonely bachelor who tasted alone, did you expect to have a "right" object? At the moment, are you in front of the screen who are also in urgent need of leaving? If so, please do not miss this article. Here are the most intimate emotional monologues of the remaining men in your situation, and more about how they sell themselves and bravely pursue happiness. Come quickly to see it!

What are the remaining men in the constellation?

The The most difficult to single out the constellation of remaining male

First place: virgin male

Selling the Declaration: Lower the high profile and lose the perfectionism that once stubbornly pursued.

Virgo boys are Male left The reason for this may be that their perfectionism prevented them from gaining happiness as soon as possible. Of course, in the days when more and more people look at each other in an alternative way and are helped by their relatives and friends to help them find problems, Virgo boys are starting to wake up: holding their own minds and ignoring themselves, the previous standard of mate selection (not only looks good , Family background, knowledge, work ability is also good enough, and the spirit level has to have deep resonance with their own) set too high! Aware of this, the male Virgo is also very pleased with himself, but it is not enough to be happy. Then he has to take some practical action and take the initiative to strike out before he can get away! Therefore, the male virgo who put aside perfectionism began to sell himself: more parties to participate in the company's organization, friends to organize the play, lower attitude, with a more open attitude and new contact with the girl, I believe that the charm of the outstanding If you change your appearance a little, your chances of love will increase greatly!

Second place: Aquarius

Selling the Declaration: Aside from temporary freedom, it is more important to strive for permanent happiness.

Although “Alibaba” is a keyword in Aquarius’s life dictionary, as time goes by, age grows, and Aquarius left for unfettered life will gradually feel that the days of a single person seem to have become particularly difficult. Hey, not only do you have fewer and fewer friends who stay up late to chat with you, but your pride has also become insignificant... In a deep reflection, the Aquarius man decided not to sit still in silence but to Abandon the freedom that he had been reluctant to let go, meet the expectations of others, and bravely pursue his own happiness! But how do you take your first step in marketing? Aquarius man has long wanted it! It's good to give play to the advantages of others who like to help others. Choose one of the potential development targets. Start by trying to help her to do something small. Start with this kindness and enthusiasm and start from a friend. I believe in using water bottles. Men's humor, tolerance, sincere and so forth, and some advantages, the chance of capturing her heart is not small!

What are the remaining men in the constellation?

Third place: Capricorn

Promote the Declaration: Abandon the cold face, increase affinity, make happiness easier.

Capricorn Why leftover male ? In the eyes of others, Capricorn is a spokesperson for Mr. No Time! Because they are always busy, fighting for the work to put on the moon, overtime, stunned hair, dark circles are more commonplace! Such desperate efforts also bring about corresponding career returns for Capricorn men: High positions, high income, and ability to work more and more, but the opposite sex is always missing, and the single female colleagues around them are far away from themselves. female Friends also just keep in touch with their own ordinary friends ... and Capricorn has finally got the answer again and again in the incomprehension and reflection: It is usually too cold, too serious, too unapproachable! Since you have already found the problem, from now on, put yourself in the energy of your career and give it a proper share! Make small changes for yourself, especially for girls, and talk is no longer so cold, and the eyes are more tender and kind. If you meet a girl who is a Chinese girl, you will realize that the true love of Capricorn will also take the initiative to read what the heart is after. In short, no longer wait and see, no longer wait, all kinds of romantic strokes to math up, love can run it?

Fourth place: Jinniu male

Marketing Declaration: Open up your heart and walk out of your home to communicate and share more with people.

Taurus left men who are boring and introverted are often otaku men. They like to close their hearts and entertain themselves in the small world that belongs to them and enjoy themselves. As a result, many of the advantages of the Taurus men were hidden by themselves. How can other people understand their intentions? In fact, the Taurus man is not unaware that such a boring move will only make himself a “Saint Seiya”. However, no one else can persuade the Taurean male to find an object or shake their heart. Only on that day, Taurus males suddenly open their eyes and are willing to take the initiative. Going out of your house door and wanting to love and reap happiness, they are not far from singles and say goodbye! And what is the specific method of marketing yourself? The smart and self-reliant Taurus man has already realized his inner heart: Open up, open up, communicate with others, share more than one's own emotions, show the truth, sincerity, sincerity, true self, believe in the face of the girl, show his face There are many opportunities, and love is no longer a difficult thing.

What are the remaining men in the constellation?

Left male off tip

Send some small gifts

Send some gifts that the other person feels will not be burdened, accept to express that they are willing to further contact, if it is not accepted, it does not matter, do not give up the other party * does not accept, does not mean not to like, but people have their own in principle. If the other party does not directly refuse you, then you can try to start with ordinary friends first, and gradually let your charisma make her all know that the so-called bitterness in eating is a good thing if you want to make her yours, Must make more effort!

2. Appearance Dress Up

It is very important to go to a blind date, the appearance of the dress, even if not beautiful and handsome, but also more able to win the favor of others. But don't play mahjong like a rich lady. There is also a way to date with each other more comfortable, people will perform better in a comfortable, safe place. Consider the other person's position and prove that you are someone who understands the feelings of others. Love is a simmering simmer, too impatient, and may scare off each other!

3. Details touch each other

In fact, blind date is not a bad thing. Many people are people who can find their own * in blind date. So when you see the blind date, it's just your perfect ideal type, then you must pay attention to some small details! For example, remembering each other's small habits, such as her favorite ice cream flavor, her beloved beer brand, and getting used to a glass of warm boiled water at dinner, when he gets along, doing these things for the other party will make the other party see your intentions.

4. Share some anecdotes

Sharing some of the anecdotes that you have done will not be embarrassing. This will highlight your straightforwardness and sincerity. It will also be a good way to get closer to each other. Although speaking out may make you blush, it will make you think that you It's cute, and it's also an indication that you're willing to treat her as a friend of yours—even if it's something that has been revealed to you, what else can't be said. (Reference website: Tencent)

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