What men’s season suitable for people? These foods help you make up

In daily life, men should pay attention to develop good habits, bad habits will result Infertility ,especially male A lot of smoking and drinking, but do not pay attention to hygiene. So what is the best season for men make man?

What time is suitable for men make man How can make sperm Which food can make sperm

Men and women in winter and spring produce two sperm most health . public Health The net says that in winter and spring, normal people have more sperm, spermatozoa move faster and have less abnormalities, and the quality of sperm will gradually decline after spring. Therefore, the spring is the planting season, but also broadcast "species" of the season, if you have always wanted to achieve "Baby Project", this time do not miss!

Researchers also found that even semen Men who have problems have the best quality of spermatozoa in spring, and 7% of spermatozoa show normal morphology. Researchers also suggested that semen an examination The results of normal infertile couples, you can choose to work hard in winter and spring "make people."

This research results, the domestic experts also basically affirmed. The actual situation also shows that the number of pregnant women admitted to the hospital from August to November each year is the largest. In turn, the probability of winning the bid in winter and spring is indeed greater. From a Chinese medicine point of view, spring is indeed suitable for expanding the "Baby Project". Just as Spring March, described in the classic Chinese medicine book, . "Spring is the season of the growth of all things, men and women filled with blood, warm spring conditions suitable for sperm implantation and embryonic development, this time not only the chances of success of pregnancy, fetus Physical and mental health is also very good.

Chen Xiuyuan, a famous doctor in the Qing Dynasty, proposed in "The Essentials of Semenology and Seeds" that women should attach importance to nourishing blood and men should attach importance to maintaining nourishment. Cold winter, the human body yang lures, the relative reduction in the number of sexual activities, activities are also less conducive to the protection of the body essence of blood, maintain the normal level of immunity. To the warm spring, a winter energy savings, this time the chance of conception will naturally increase. A lot of preparation for pregnancy female Friends in order to enhance physical fitness, physical and mental conditioning, winter is also often used cream conditioning, but also this truth.

What time is suitable for men make man How can make sperm Which food can make sperm

Although spring is a good chance of conceiving, it does not mean that spring is right when it is conceived. It is also important for the selection of the weather and the surrounding environment. As early as in the Southern Song Dynasty, "The Recipe of the Woman Daquan Si Si Men · Taboo Law" pointed out: "Everyone who wants a son to live, Kyrgyzstan day rendezvous, daily avoid ding and string look dark moon, gale, heavy rain, fog, Big cold, big summer, lightning thunder, heaven and earth faint, sun and moon light, rainbow, to move, sun and the moon thin eclipse. "So choose the beautiful scenery, warm climate, full moonlight fertility breeding baby more favorable.

The company is located in: Men can eat what supplement it?

The company is located in: Vitamin B6 and folic acid

Vitamin B6 and folic acid are indispensable for men's supplements, of which vitamin B6 and folic acid help to break down homocysteine, which is one of the risk factors for heart disease, so it helps heart disease Research.

The company is located in: protein

Protein should be stopped: Except for men who engage in intense bodybuilding, most men do not need to replenish too much protein. Medium amounts of meat, poultry, fish or legumes are added daily, along with moderate amounts of low-fat dairy products enough. If the body does not need, no matter how good the protein is still superfluous.

What time is suitable for men make man How can make sperm Which food can make sperm

The company is located in: Zinc

Zinc is not only children to make up about 1/3 of men less than the standard zinc content, zinc is important, but not much in need. Just pay attention to the intake of seafood, lean meat, coarse grains and legumes to meet.

The company is located in: Vitamin E

Should increase the intake of vitamin E: Vitamin E can prevent cholesterol block, help fight against coronary heart disease; therefore remind male friends eat more foods rich in vitamin e.

The company is located in: iron

No iron supplements: the men who are less than 1% of the real iron deficiency, so do not have to worry about how to make up iron. This is because iron supplementation may mask the disease information transmitted to people by visceral hemorrhage.

Most men have iron deficiency anemia, the body is most likely hidden hidden visceral blood loss or hematopoietic disorders. If you do not find the cause of iron deficiency blindly make iron, will prompt the information within the prompt bleeding, which will delay the timing of diagnosis and treatment. (Reference site: family doctor online)

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