The veins of the arm are obviously the case of excessive blood pressure

The company is located in: The company is located in: In daily life, we can see some of the crowd of people on the arm of the blue tendon will be exposed protruding obvious, the human body if the blue tendon is more obvious, it can be described is caused by the prominent veins. So what happens when the veins protrude? What causes the arm veins exposed obvious? And will trigger their own arms veins obvious reasons there are many, let Xiaobian come here for a detailed introduction To see if you are caught?

What is the obvious blue veins of the arm What is the case?

The company is located in: Cold water stimulation

Normal human body after some more intense exercise, the body consumes a lot of energy, then the body will appear fever and a lot of sweating, most people will like to use cold water to wash their own arms or directly with cold water To take a bath in the body's own temperature, will feel more comfortable.

However, due to alternating hot and cold stimulation of the muscles, causing the muscles in a more tense state, but can not be relaxed, the muscles of the blood vessels will be stimulated to expand this, resulting in the emergence of blue tendons.

For this cold water stimulation caused by the blue tendon protruding is also a more normal physiological reaction, as long as the muscles return to normal state, this symptom It will disappear.

The company is located in: Blood flow blocked

For more obvious exposure of the veins of the arm, it is also possible that the pressure in the blood vessel will increase due to the obstruction of the arm's blood backflow and the inability of the blood circulation system to circulate normally. When the arm's blood flow is hindered, Natural symptoms of veins will appear prominent.

What is the obvious blue veins of the arm What is the case?

But will lead to the case of blocked blood backflow, usually due to the human body by the outside world some of the blow or oppression, resulting in the formation of some congestion, bruising, poisoning, as long as the timely removal of these silt meningitis, the symptoms of veins also Can restore the normal state.

The company is located in: Body weight loss

In daily life, although the number of obese people is increasing at present, there are still some people with more emaciated body weight. Some people in this part of the population are also less likely to have body fat due to their body weight loss. Therefore, on the muscle surface Can clearly see some of the lines of blood vessels, naturally, will be able to see hidden in the skin below the veins.

For this body weight loss situation, naturally more quickly add nutrition, weight gain is your goal.

The company is located in: Arm too hard

What is the obvious blue veins of the arm What is the case?

In daily life, there are many situations that require the use of the human arms to carry some of the goods. If the weight of some goods is heavy, great effort will be required. At this moment, the muscles on the arms will Begin to shrink, the natural pressure on the arm of the vessel increases, then you can clearly see the arm on the veins began to highlight.

Especially in the event of breaking the wrist with friends, lifting weights, handling goods, drawing up, boxing, etc., the condition of veins exposed is also the most obvious.

The company is located in: High blood pressure

There is another one disease Of the reasons, but also will lead to blue tendons, and the symptoms of this ventral protrusion is a recurrent, that is, patients with high blood pressure, because their own blood pressure is too high, the body's blood pressure will be forced to rise High, which led to the emergence of veins protruding situation.

If it is itself in the case of high blood pressure, in daily life should be timely conditioning and recovery, and with the doctor treatment . ( 99 health Net ( Zhuangao, reprint, please indicate the source. )

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