How to do it in winter scalp itch try these four methods

At present, we are about to enter 2018 Chinese New Year , But also the colder season, due to the cold weather, many people begin to reduce the frequency of shampooing, as well as the air due to dry air, the dust will be more, so the hair if not in time To clean up, it is very easy to be contaminated with a large number of gray layer, but also easily lead to increased hair grease, then it is prone to itchy scalp condition, then in the winter there is often the case of scalp itch, what should be done? Now let Xiaobian teach you some solutions to itchy scalp it.

How to do winter scalp vinegar can shampoo how to wash your hair does not itch

The company is located in: First, the use of beer shampoo

If there is a frequent occurrence of itchy scalp in the shampoo when you can choose to use the method of beer to wash your hair, this beer shampooing method for the suppression of scalp itching situation is very effective.

But for beer shampoo, but also pay attention to some methods, the right way to play the best effect of itching beer suppression, the use of beer shampoo should be combined with warm water shampoo, the best way is to pre-empt warm water and beer Evenly, with the beer after the watered shampoo, and then wash the finished head, the best in their own scalp head massage, as long as the pulp with both hands to press the scalp massage movement, this massage The best course lasts about 15 minutes, because after this scalp massage, it can accelerate the function of the blood circulation on the scalp and make it feel more comfortable. It can not only effectively inhibit the scalp itching symptom Occurred, also has to remove dandruff effect .

Especially in the winter dry season, Xiaobian here strongly recommend that you use this method to shampoo.

The company is located in: Second, a reasonable choice shampoo

How to do winter scalp vinegar can shampoo how to wash your hair does not itch

Some people, one of the recurrence of some scalp itching situation, because they choose a bad shampoo caused by the choice of shampoo, but also according to the nature of the hair to the individual Sexual choice, because the nature of the hair into oily, neutral, dry three kinds, in the choice of the nature of their hair shampoo, but also to choose some shampoo with strong ability to dandruff, but also can very good prevention Scalp itching symptoms appear.

The company is located in: Third, vinegar shampoo

In daily life diet seasoning, vinegar is that we often use Tao, not only can increase the taste and taste, and vinegar itself is still bactericidal effect, and vinegar itself is also acidic, if the recurrence of hair Of the case, you can choose to use shampoo, because vinegar can be a good balance of scalp acid-base balance, scalp more greasy situation can be very good to alleviate, also very good ease Scalp itching situation.

And choose to use vinegar shampoo, but also effectively eliminate the hair and scalp on the accumulation of some harmful bacteria, can well protect their hair and scalp do not receive some harmful bacteria invasion, but also can enhance the scalp immunity Defense function.

How to do winter scalp vinegar can shampoo how to wash your hair does not itch

If you want to choose vinegar shampoo, shampoo as long as the process of adding a little vinegar can be, of course, also need to be aware that you can not add too much vinegar, because vinegar itself is acidic, to avoid More vinegar causes damage to the scalp and hair.

The company is located in: Fourth, borax salt shampoo

Some medical research survey data show that the reason why most people have a frequent occurrence of the scalp occurs with the scalp oil secretion, if the scalp on the secretion of excessive oil, it is very easy to cause some bacteria breeding, which led to Scalp itchy symptoms.

The borax salt can be effective on the scalp of oil secretion, so you can choose to use borax salt shampoo, it can effectively solve the scalp itching situation. ( 99 health Net ( Zhuangao, reprint, please indicate the source. )

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