Men’s menopause should be how long to explain the etiology and symptoms

The company is located in: male Into the age of 50, the structure and function of the male gonads will also appear from the peak to the decline of evolution, known as menopause. Menopausal menopause syndrome used to be known as part of androgen deficiency syndrome (PADAM) in the elderly, and is nowadays known as LOH in men. but Men's menopause generally last long ?

男人更年期要持续多久 导致男人更年期的原因有哪些 男人怎么预防更年期

The company is located in: Men's menopause to last long

Male menopause usually starts between 40 and 55 years of age. Some people may occur at the age of 30 and others will be in their 60s symptom . In the case of male menopause, the general process may continue for 5 to 15 years. Because men do not exist female The signal that starts with "menopause" does not show any symptoms if it is feminine clinical On, it may not be easy to determine its occurrence and process. In general, male menopause occurs about 10 years later than women. Some men develop hormonal decline but have no obvious symptoms of menopause; others are annoyed with menopause and still retain the normally secreted androgens. About 30% of 40 to 70-year-old men will appear clinical symptoms of menopause.

The company is located in: Symptoms of menopause syndrome include the following four aspects:

The company is located in: 1, masculine symptoms: Physical and mental decline, muscle and muscle strength decreased, hair loss and abdominal obesity; weight loss, loss of appetite, abdominal distension minus; lumbar and other bones and joint pain, soft, less abdominal Leng Tong.

The company is located in: 2, Sexual dysfunction symptom: Chen Bo disappeared, the sun cited and not strong, quite shortly, reduced libido, decreased sexual activity, the decline in the quality of orgasm.

The company is located in: 3, emotional symptoms: Mental decline, drowsiness, poor mood, anxiety depression, sentimentality, or irritability, or inferiority, insomnia and more dream Wait.

The company is located in: 4, nerve And vasomotor symptoms: Hot flashes, sweating, insomnia palpitations and neuroticism and other vascular motor symptoms.

Causes of menopausal syndrome

1, the impact of bad lifestyles:

What causes menopause? Smoking is definitely one. Smokers increased the level of estradiol in the body, and decreased follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), reduced release of GnRH pulse, inhibited the synthesis of testosterone, smoking more than lO per day can significantly increase men's menopausal syndrome age, nicotine direct The testis and epididymis hemodynamics change, affecting testicular function and testosterone synthesis. Alcohol abuse can accelerate the decline of testosterone levels in older men and promote estrogen levels, but it is debatable whether this is the cause of menopause syndrome.

男人更年期要持续多久 导致男人更年期的原因有哪些 男人怎么预防更年期

The company is located in: 2, changes in other endocrine gland function:

Pituitary prone to elderly men, fibrous scars, small pieces of necrosis, small cysts and a large number of fat and amyloid deposition, these changes will inevitably affect the function of the pituitary gland, pituitary function changes in addition to reduced gonadotropin secretion capacity, the other most Obvious changes are the ability to secrete growth hormone decreased, the synthesis of growth hormone after puberty at a rate of 14% every 10 years.

Growth hormone for maintenance The elderly Muscle mass and bone density play an important role, so the decline in growth hormone levels also have an effect on the elderly men's weakness, fatigue and increased body fat content, and has drawn people's attention. Pineal secretion of melatonin also decreases with age. Male corticosteroids and estradiol remain fairly stable throughout life.

The company is located in: 3, disease And the impact of drugs:

Many common diseases and drugs can affect the rate of decline in androgens in older men. In addition, some diseases have their own role in promoting aging. Congenital or acquired testicular damage, such as testicular hypoplasia, testicular torsion, orchitis and varicocele resulting in decreased testosterone can make men with menopausal syndrome in advance, menopausal varicocele menopause syndrome appears Than without varicocele an average of 20 years in advance.

Testicular cancer treatment and in order to carry out test tube baby The multiple testis biopsy sperm aspiration may make men with menopausal syndrome in advance. Men suffering from certain critical illness can lower testosterone levels, especially the central hypothalamic-pituitary axis system.

4, the impact of some chronic diseases:

Chronic renal failure, the impact of pituitary gonadotropin secretion, so that testicular androgen secretion decreased. Chronic liver disease, cirrhosis, SHBG generation significantly increased, free testosterone levels decreased significantly. Some endocrine diseases, such as Cushling syndrome, pituitary tumors, especially prolactinomas, significantly inhibit the testicular endocrine function. Impaired glucose tolerance and insulin-independent diabetes are common among middle-aged and elderly men, and both lead to decreased androgens and SHBG levels.

男人更年期要持续多久 导致男人更年期的原因有哪些 男人怎么预防更年期

Some drugs for the treatment of mental illness and stomach problems affect the function of dopamine, a neurotransmitter, to significantly increase prolactin levels and inhibit testicular function. Anti-hypertensive drugs commonly used helix lactone can block the androgen receptor, interfere with the normal role of androgen play.

The company is located in: How to prevent:

Men entering the age of 50 is a crucial period, How men can prevent menopause What? Improve the quality of daily life, anti-aging is the fundamental prevention of the disease:

1, to maintain a good mental state, self-cultivation, good at solving depression, depression, try to avoid worries, irritation and other emotional stimulation, reading books and more, chatting with others, to participate in community charity activities.

2, actively participate in various cultural and recreational and sports activities, such as playing chess, playing cards, practicing qigong, playing tai chi, so that the old things, the old fun.

3, the key to delaying sexual function and body aging is to strengthen the function of the lower back and feet, so to strengthen the activities of the lower body exercise, such as jogging, walking, etc., as far as possible in order to step on the car.

4, dietary adjustments to avoid partial preference, mainly to light and pay attention to nutritionally balanced, should not addicted to spicy sweet fat, thick baked, difficult to digest food, in order to avoid aggravating endometriosis. Can be equipped with freshwater fish, soy milk and other animals and plants high protein diet and targeted food diet, such as catfish, loach, leek, shrimp, beef and mutton, walnuts, etc., with Zhuang Li, strong bones, .

5, quit smoking, moderate alcohol consumption, do not drink a lot of strong tea, strong coffee.

6, the law of daily life, there labor Yat, maintain proper weight, so that blood and peace.

7, to maintain a moderate, regular, balanced sex life, but excessive indulgence, but early sub-bed, desires. Moderate sexual intercourse can promote the secretion of sex hormones, promote blood flow, pleasant mood, anti-aging. (Reference site: a good doctor online)

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