Nails split what is going on these points should be taken seriously

The company is located in: In daily life, many people will find their own nails, unknowingly split from the middle of their own, what is going on? Whether with their own disease What are the causes? Will cause nail crack? Then let Xiaobian detailed introduction to the specific reasons for nail cracked it.

指甲断裂是怎么回事 指甲裂开是什么原因 为什么指甲会自己断裂

Trauma caused

There are many people in their daily lives because of various reasons, resulting in some of their own nails by some external factors impact or oppression, resulting in nail breakage, cracking, or even serious situation will cause nail broken or lead to the whole Nail off.

For this uncertain external factors, so in daily life should pay attention to ground nails, nails do not stay too long, so that by some external factors, the extent of injuries will be controlled to a minimum.

The company is located in: Lack of vitamin A

If the body's nutrient supply once the loss of supply balance, it is easy to cause a variety of diseases, such as the body's lack of vitamin A element, it is easy to nail malnutrition symptom which performed.

Vitamin A is to maintain the body skin Normal metabolism and keratosis, if the body lacks vitamin A, easily lead to nails softened, thinning, and very easily lead to the occurrence of nail breakage.

So for the lack of vitamin A caused by nail cracking, of course, is timely enough for the human body to supplement vitamin A nutrients, daily life can eat more fish, carrots, etc. food , These foods are high in vitamin A-rich foods.

指甲断裂是怎么回事 指甲裂开是什么原因 为什么指甲会自己断裂

The company is located in: Hypothyroidism

When the body's thyroid organ function decline, the human body is very easy to cause a variety of diseases, first of all its own immunity will decline, will begin to appear cold, anemia , Mental retardation, lethargy and other symptoms, if not timely treatment It may also cause the body nails become brittle, prone to direct rupture symptoms.

For the human thyroid function weakened, it should go in time hospital get on an examination And treatment, and then in the usual diet, which should be light-based, and more Drink water , Eat some vegetables and fruits, taboo eat some spicy, greasy, fried food, as well as in peacetime, should pay more attention to participate in some body work out , Enhance personal physical fitness, with the help of treatment.

The company is located in: Congenital nail dysplasia

If a person's nails belong to the symptoms of congenital ectodermal dysplasia, their nails will show dysplasia, dry and crisp, deck dents, rough nails turbidity, easy to break and other symptoms.

For this congenital nail dysplasia, in daily life should pay more attention to nails to prevent nails from some external forces or some harmful bacterial infections.

指甲断裂是怎么回事 指甲裂开是什么原因 为什么指甲会自己断裂

The company is located in: Nail infection

If your own nails by some harmful bacteria outside the infection can easily lead to the occurrence of nail rupture, nails if some by Candida albicans, Trichophyton rubrum, nails will appear defects, deformation, split and other symptoms .

For this situation, of course, is to wash their hands frequently, ground nails, so as to effectively prevent some bacterial infections. ( 99 Health Network ( Zhuangao, for reprint, please indicate the source. )

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