Dreaming about what the mentor is

The same time as the above- dream See the instructor


Dream of mentor, is auspicious. Tutor symbolizes wisdom, wisdom of the guidelines, in the life of the road will be harvested.

(1) old sob dream to talk with their mentor, and soon may be long to die, but all regret will be digested, able to live safely.

(2) businessmen dream and talk to their mentor, there will be new partners, will bring a lot of opportunities, and can make a fortune.

(3) students dream and mentor talk, even if life is difficult, will not drop out of school, will get the government or the rich funding to complete their studies.

(4) men dream of their own mentor, everything will be satisfactory.

(5) a woman dream of their own mentor, was bully will have elegant help.

(6) dream of a new mentor, may suffer losses.

(7) dream and tutor quarrel, may be home to death.

(8) dreamed by the tutor praise, in the cause may be dark clouds, there will be unexpected things lead to criticism of others.

(9) dreamed by the instructor scolded, family relations will become very good, the future of the parents can do filial piety, he will also be impressive.

(10) dream of the mentor to visit home, is the news of the decline of the fortune of the relationship between the head, there is a dispute on the head of the star, to pay attention to their words and deeds, to prevent disputes, especially temper can not be irritable, or may lose a good friend The

(11) students dream of mentors are in class, reading into the nostalgia, there will be pointing maze students appear, as an opportunity to read their own want to increase, there will be a lot of effort, efforts will be great success.

(12) students dream met in the examination room mentor, is "school fear", do not hold books all day long, too rigidly adhere to the results, and sometimes have to relax, try to participate in other activities. otherwise nerve Will soon be weak.

(13) dream and the opposite tutor intimate chat, love will fall, the feelings between lovers began to become dull, it is best to change the way dating.


Work for many years old Zhao, in the workplace has been mixed to a very high status, but it has been unable to rise to a higher status. One night, he dreamed that he liked a college tutor on his way to him. They greet each other, the instructor has been praising him, said good learning, every day up. After waking up, the details of the dream are blurred, but this sentence has been very clearly remember. After a month, he met the opportunity to study abroad. Think of this dream, he did not hesitate to accept. The results came back after the training, immediately gained a high rise.


Dreamers dream of mentors, indicating that he may be involved in life, some kind of "learning". Perhaps to learn new skills, or enter new areas; there may be a dreamer who is learning a new attitude of life. Through learning, growth of their own wisdom, you can in the cause of its capability. Dreamed of greeting with the teacher, the dreamer will get a good friend or soon promoted to pay. At the same time, the dream should pay attention to the language of the mentor, it may be helpful to the dreamer of the Proverbs!

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