What is the benefit of the upgraded push-ups?

What's good

Upgraded version of the push-ups, in addition to retaining the traditional chest work out Outside, more able to sculpt the back and shoulder after the beam of the muscles. Think about it, if every time you do push-ups. Can get three pieces of muscle at the same time, which is a save time and effort! Another good news is. While your muscles get exercised, the push-ups can also train personal sense of balance if you want to practice upside down. It must start from this action.

The same time as the above- How to do it

Ready to action: feet in the fitness bench, do not bend legs. Let the thighs and legs straight to the ground. Waist naturally down, to maintain the elbow angle greater than 90 degrees, both hands up the upper body. And give the head and neck parts full of activity space.

Action process: with the traditional push-ups vertical propped up, MH need you to change the center of gravity to support. Starting from the left side. Head to the left, left hand elbow to the left tilt, then slowly move the elbow to move the center of gravity. During the action, other parts remain relatively static.

Tips: because the action is slightly more difficult. Each group can be 6 to 8 times.

After you may be done after the epiphany, this page is absolutely no self-see.

The same time as the above- Experience experience

As a fitness editor, after experiencing the feeling is. You can obviously feel the target site in the swollen fever. Each group made 10. Hold on to four groups, you are absolutely fortunate. Your teacher did not learn to use this 2.0 version to corporal you But said positively, this upgrade is indeed a group of three groups. Especially in the last day of training to do. Sure to know what the state is over the body.

The same time as the above- Break the jogging platform

When you run and find no effect. Congratulations. Your platform has arrived. At this stage, your exercise will be discounted a lot. But do not worry, MH help you easily through.

1, the intensity of the break should be depending on the physical quality may be, each time you have to go to a slight breathing can be.

2, in addition, the necessary arm training can also help you improve endurance, so that you upgrade.

3, if it is to lose weight, then it is at least every day to go to run between 40 minutes to 50 minutes.

4, after the end to do stretching exercise. Or else make the muscles stiff. Finish stretching can add some extra weight training.

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