How to create a mighty man

Men and women have different nutritional needs, the United States food And the Drug Administration have issued a different male and female vitamins and minerals intake standards. Men have more needs for almost all major nutrients than women. The reason is simple: the man is bigger. Men's muscles are more than women and consume more calories than women. For those who love sports, the demand for certain nutrients becomes particularly high.

Not only that, a few vitamins and minerals on the prevention and treatment of men susceptible disease Very helpful, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, Coronary heart disease , Stroke, a few cancer As well as gallstones and so on.

The following is the most needed men 9 kinds of nutrients, according to the alphabetical order as follows:

The same time as the above- Vitamin A (VITAMINA)

The study found that vitamin A has improved immunity and anti-cancer effect. And, as your mother often says to you, vitamin A is good for protecting eyesight. A man daily intake of vitamin A is 1000 mg, while half bowl of steamed carrot vitamin A content is 4 times. Other rich in vitamin A food There are liver, dairy products, fish, tomatoes, apricots and melons. Vitamin A from the daily diet can be obtained, excessive use of vitamin A capsules can cause Poisoning , Experts do not advocate additional vitamin A supplementation.

The same time as the above- Chrome (CHR (Cosmetics) OMIUM)

The minerals necessary to sustain life can lower the cholesterol level, increase the athlete's endurance, and allow the bodybuilder to grow muscle and reduce fat. Ordinary men need at least 50 milligrams of chromium per day, so good men need 100 to 200 mg. "It's hard to get so much chrome from a daily diet, the best source is a multicomponent mineral mixture with chromium, and the other is a hardened chrome tablet or wine," said Dr. Richard Anderson, director of the Nutrition Research Center at the US Department of Agriculture. Of the yeast. "

The same time as the above- Cellulose (FIBER)

Strictly speaking, cellulose can not be counted as a nutrient, it only travels around the body in a circle, and has not been digested and absorbed. But eating a lot of cellulose helps reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure. High-fiber diet reduces colorectal cancer incidence (colon cancer ranks third among men's susceptible cancer) and can also control diabetes People's sugar index, cellulose can even help you lose weight: eat more belly of cellulose can not fit other high calorie foods. Two ordinary size of the apple containing 14 grams of cellulose, our daily intake is 18 to 35 grams. More foods containing cellulose are whole wheat bread, cereal, black rice, plum, pear and various edible vegetables such as cauliflower and carrot.

The same time as the above- Magnesium (MAGNESIUM)

Magnesium plays an important role in regulating the frequency of heart beat. Studies have shown that magnesium intake can reduce heart disease and lower blood pressure. Magnesium can also enhance the reproductive capacity, which improves semen in sperm The vitality. You can get two-thirds of the daily magnesium requirement from a meal that includes two bowls of cereal and addicted to milk and a banana. Roasted sweet potatoes, beans, nuts, oatmeal, peanut butter, whole wheat flour, green leafy vegetables and seafood are also rich in magnesium.

The same time as the above- Vitamin B6 (VITAMINB6)

This human body indispensable nutrients to enhance the rabbit has a good effect. Studies have shown that it can also prevent skin cancer and bladder cancer. Vitamin B6 protects the kidneys from calculus (the incidence of kidney stones in men is twice that of females) and has a therapeutic effect on insomnia. You only need 2 mg of vitamin B6 per day - about 2 large banana. Good sports men consume more vitamin B6, so should add more than a few milligrams. Other foods rich in vitamin B6 are chicken, fish, liver, potato, avocado and sunflower seeds. Excessive use of vitamin B6 caused by poisoning, experts advocate daily intake of not more than 50 mg.

Vitamin C (VITAMINC)

Vitamin C to enhance immunity, prevent cancer, reduce heart disease and stroke, is conducive to gums and teeth, to prevent cataracts, accelerate wound healing, relieve asthma, the treatment of infertility is also effective. Vitamin C supply can delay aging. Cauliflower, melon, green peppers, sleeves are a good source of vitamin C. Do not eat more vitamin C tablets do not have to worry about, vitamin C overweight will not produce toxicity. Dr. Il Dawson, a researcher at the Texas State University Affiliated Hospital, says that taking 200 to 300 milligrams per day is sufficient. Many researchers believe that the "US Nutrition Standards Recommended Table" recommended vitamin C intake of 60 mg (equivalent to half a cup of fresh orange juice content) is far from meeting the needs, especially when it is used to prevent cold , Vitamin C can prevent and cure the cold is now a household name.

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