What should I do before losing weight?

Strong and flexible body, beautiful no fat curve, so perfect body, who is not envy it? However, unlike Westerners, orientals are more prone to edema, so good shape is difficult to achieve. Easy to swollen body with the general weight loss method is not very effective, if you know that they are easy to swollen body, targeted to adjust the weight, you can easily subtract 5 kg, and do not have to do a lot of exercise, do not have to endure the pain of diet The

Do you belong to swollen people?

In general, easy to swollen muscles loose, less muscle, bones slender, weight and skeleton compared to not much difference, but the lower abdomen and buttocks have more fat, so the proportion of the lower body is very large. From the daily life point of view, such people are relatively lazy, no muscle, the face of the bloody is not how good, winter needless to say, even in the warm spring and autumn, the palm is not warm. This kind of person belongs to the possibility of swelling of the body is very large.

In terms of character, easy to swollen physique people more detailed, easy to get angry, although kind, but things are not decisive, no determination. If you have some of the above symptom , It is necessary to think about it, is not their own swollen body of the people.

In addition, some bad eating habits, but also can become the main reason for swelling physique. Do not love to eat love porridge, do not eat fruit love to drink fruit juice, such people tend to eat because things are too easy to digest and accumulate excess water in the body, causing edema. Cold rice and frozen fruits have to eat less, because they will let your visceral cooling, is not conducive to blood circulation, over time, it will make bad blood accumulation in the body.

Well, now follow our tips, step by step, use food Therapy and reduce the fat of the massage, eliminate edema, but also you a good body!

Step 1: Eliminate waste in your body

Want to eliminate the swelling of the words, it is necessary to first waste the body excluded from the body. Sometimes, the excess in the cell without the timely discharge of water to have as much as 5 kg, which is one of the important causes of edema.

First, two days before the start of weight loss, the appropriate reduction in food, the maximum body of the water discharged to the body. But should pay attention to the body's metabolism, so that reduced food without nutrition. 1000 calories a day is to ensure that the heat, you can eat fish and other highly nutritious food. This is conducive to ensuring the balance of the body, for the exclusion of waste is also good. At the same time, you can also eat something to help clean up the body, such as drinking tea. Officially began to lose weight before such a transition period, can improve the effect of weight loss, to prevent the rebound.

The same time as the above- Step 2: swollen diet

Different food, can definitely create a different shape. To spicy flavored crabs such as salty and spicy food say goodbye, there are oranges, vinegar put a lot of sour food and so on. To take advantage of this opportunity to change your eating habits. Easy swollen people if the random diet, or reduce the normal day of calorie absorption is no good effect, so even if the weight loss, but the body is not flexible, or no beauty at all.

Eliminate the representation of edema food Is beans. They have diuretic function, can be very good to prevent the accumulation of superfluous. Barley not only diuretic, but also help beauty, can make you skin Full of luster. Celery can regulate the physiological cycle, for Irregular menstruation Of the people, it is rare health food. Mulberry is usually not common, but it is a lot of benefits, in the diuretic, anti-inflammatory, eliminate swelling is very effective.

In contrast, glutinous rice, ginkgo, salt, etc. are added to the swelling of things. Glutinous rice and ginkgo although the nutritional value is high, but not only is not conducive to urination, but also the formation of obstacles, harmful to the body. Moreover, spicy things to eat too much, will increase appetite, naturally no way to lose weight. Salt is essential for our body, but too much food will accumulate in our body, causing swelling.

So how do you divide our food structure? If you want to become slim, you must eat more foods rich in fiber. Such as rice, barley and other cereals, as well as vegetables. Here, we recommend to the Korean meal. Because the Korean diet is more suitable for weight loss. And eat chocolate, an orange, a little bit of bread hungry, but later eat more, it is better to try Korean meal it. A small bowl of rice, vegetables and soup, some fish, etc., both to ensure that the camp, but also to lose weight. Rice, you can eat millet. Think it is not tasty, try Tami. Anyway, the fiber content can be high. As for the vegetables, with their raw, or cooked cooked to eat better, more to prevent edema. Especially rhizome plants such as pumpkin.

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