How do men remove the fat on the waist and abdomen?

The same time as the above-

The same time as the above-

I can often hear such a voice: "I exercise three times a week, every hour of running time.After a period of time, the weight does decline a lot, but the waist lap of fat is not the slightest change. In the end how to remove the "life buoy" it? Weight loss, waist and abdomen fat is not removed is indeed a depressing thing.

In fact, this phenomenon is very common in the primary fitness. The problem is: with work out The progress of fat through the aerobic exercise will slowly consume, but the muscles will be lost at the same time. This will cause a decline in basal metabolism every day food The heat generated will be difficult to consume in the body, so that will form fat. And now people's work is often sitting, so fat will accumulate in the abdomen and waist around. The emergence of "life buoy" is actually a very normal thing. Baseline metabolism decline, once the stop exercise, weight will soon rebound. Even heavier than when there is no exercise.

So, want to remove the "life buoy" approach is actually very simple. Work according to the normal training program on it. In other words, each should be the exercise of muscle anaerobic exercise into the front, about 1 hour time on it. Requirements, the whole body joints, ligaments and muscles all exercise to. From the consciousness to have a whole concept: the movement is to fill the body every inch health , Rather than just for a part of the exercise. The target is wrong, the result is certainly a failure. From a scientific point of view, there is no concept of partial fat reduction. Fat consumption is the body, so the training should be from the whole to the local. For example, encounter "life buoy" problem, you can strengthen the abdominal and waist exercise, so that more deep muscle out, and then through a lot of aerobic exercise to remove the outside fat. This will make the body more standard.

There will be some people, ran a long time step, weight loss a lot, or even have to their own satisfaction with the results. However, look at the waist of the "life buoy", from the previous large "life circle" into a "small life circle." Exercise did not play a fundamental role. Therefore, it is recommended that you always want to have a healthy or shape the perfect body, the movement must be done: aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise combined.

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