Men’s fitness to understand the five common sense

The same time as the above- 1, sweating, careful dehydration

Men need water more than women, for men, the muscle moisture required more than three times more than fat, and in the body of men, muscle accounted for about 40% female Body, muscle only 20% more.

Water can also lubricate joints, regulate body temperature and dissolve, transport into the body's nutrients. Ordinary men need about two liters of water a day, the movement of men will have doubled water consumption.

The same time as the above- 2, training, to promptly add chromium

Chromium is a necessary mineral to sustain life, it can reduce the body's cholesterol, increase endurance, but also can make muscle growth, oxidative fat.

High quality grape And raisins have a natural "chrome library" in the world. Ordinary men eat a bunch of grapes every day can provide enough chrome, to participate in fitness sports men need to double.

3, who often congestion, need to add vitamin K

In work out , Some people a little bump, the body from the bruising or congestion, and a long time unhealed, this is the body of a lack of vitamin K signal. Vitamin K is a "hemostatic hero", lack of it, will delay the blood coagulation, severe cases can also cause blood can not be solidified.

Cauliflower with vitamin K is very rich, eat 2 to 4 times a week cauliflower can well ease the body from the bruising or congestion of the situation, followed by asparagus and lettuce also contains vitamin K. Eat rich in vitamin K food , Not only can strengthen the flexibility of the blood vessel wall, but also can prevent the occurrence of bruises and congestion.

4, exercise cramps, pay attention to calcium, magnesium

After the movement of leg cramps symptom , Does not mean that your exercise overload, but the lack of nutrition caused. Calcium, magnesium synergistic in the body's main role is to participate nerve Muscle conduction, physical exercise is likely to cause the body calcium, magnesium deficiency, and then the nerve muscle transmission blocked, resulting in leg cramps.

Adult men daily calcium requirement of 1000 to 1800 mg, magnesium daily recommended amount of 350 mg, calcium sufficient source, which is a good choice for milk. Green leaves of food contained in the most easily absorbed magnesium, nuts, seafood can also be found in the rich quality of magnesium.

5, after exercise, poor sexual desire, excessive zinc loss

Zinc is called the "sexual element" of men. Insufficient zinc deficiency in the body will affect sperm The number and activity. For men who participate in fitness, they will lose more zinc, especially when sweating more, so zinc is particularly important for regular men.

Eat lean meat, steak is an effective way to take zinc. According to the determination, every 100 grams of lean beef can provide about 50% of zinc demand. Seafood, mushrooms, lean meat, egg , Coarse grains are also rich in zinc.

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