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The same time as the above- be careful

Bodybuilding work out Of the equipment has a certain weight, not only before and after exercise to prepare activities and finishing activities, but also to pay attention an examination Whether the equipment is installed to prevent the accident. Exercise should pay attention to whether the weight is moderate, do not do can not do the exercises. Use barbell and other heavy equipment, to be protected. It is best to exercise together in order to encourage each other, help each other, protect each other.

The same time as the above- Lay the foundation

Weight loss in the early practice stage (2 to 3 months) is best to enter the bodybuilding training classes to exercise, in order to correctly and systematically grasp the action technology, improve physical fitness. In particular, pay attention to muscle strength and endurance exercise, and gradually improve the body's ability to adapt and lay a good foundation.

The same time as the above- Reasonable arrangements for exercise

The arrangement of the amount of exercise is one of the important links of scientific exercise. Practice has proved that weight loss should be moderate exercise (per minute Heart rate Between 130 and 160 times) aerobic exercise is appropriate, the weight of the device to moderate load (maximum muscle strength of 50% to 80%) is better. The schedule can be practiced three times a week (once every other day), one to one and a half hours each time. 8 to 10 movements each time, each action to do 3 to 4 groups. Practice is fast contraction, pause, slow stretch. Continuous for a group of action time is about 60 seconds, intermittent interval of 20 to 60 seconds, each action intermittent 1 to 2 minutes.

Under normal circumstances, each group should be able to complete 8 to 15 times, if the number of each group less than 8 times, may be appropriate to reduce the weight; to the last two must be completed with the full action, muscle tissue stimulation deeper, "Over-recovery" obvious, excellent exercise effect.

The same time as the above- Less training other projects

Weight-loss exercise for the body, it is best to participate in other sports exercise, especially the endurance of the project, such as long-distance running, playing football, playing basketball. Because these sports consume more energy, is not conducive to muscle growth, and will be more training thinner. In addition, usually do not spend too much energy to do other activities.

The same time as the above- Be focused and targeted

Weight loss after 2 to 3 months after exercise, physical strength will be significantly enhanced, energy will be more abundant than before. At this time, should focus on exercise large muscle groups, such as pectoralis major muscle, deltoid, biceps brachii, triceps, latissimus dorsi, gluteus maximus and quadriceps, exercise should be adjusted at any time. In addition, the same part of the muscle groups can use different movements, different equipment for exercise, and to make the training muscles alone shrink. With the coordination of muscle strength and action to improve the coordination of the effect will be more and more significant. Under normal circumstances, practice action for one and a half months to two months change once. In addition, the spirit of exercise (ideas) to focus on the practice area, avoid talking and laughing, listening to music and so on. The practice of muscle parts of the acid, swelling, full, the stronger the heat, the better the exercise. In this way, and then adhere to six months to a year, the body will be significant changes.

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