Six of the easiest way to do exercise

The same time as the above- Help the wall squatting legs

Need to choose a wall at home, hand the wall at the same time by the strength of the legs slowly squat, the hands of the best to take a small object, such as boiled water, squatting up at the same time can make the legs get work out , But also to eliminate excess fat in the legs, so that the shape of the legs look better. 15 groups, do three groups.

The same time as the above- Push the chest

This action is mainly to exercise the man's pectoralis major muscle, in the living room or dining area, looking for two single stool or so placed one, with two hands for support, leaning on it, 12 as a group, To do three groups. Remember to do push-ups, to abdomen chest, try to stretch the chest, so that full of chest muscle type. In addition, this action also correct the role of hunchback.

The same time as the above- Sitting on the abdomen lift legs

This action is mainly exercise the abdomen, in the open space on the home placed a stool, sitting on top, by the power of the abdomen lifted his legs, and legs cross up. In order to reduce the excess abdominal fat, so that the abdominal muscles strong, perfect. Each time up 15 times, do three groups, the middle can be a little rest, but not too long.

The same time as the above- Prone to waist

This action mainly exercises the waist. In the home prone in bed, by hand Baotou, and then rely on the power of the upper body up. To enhance the waist strength, 15 a group, do three groups.

Biceps hands

This action mainly exercises the hand. As long as sitting in the home of the single stool can be completed, very simple. With two unopened mineral water bottles for dumbbells, parallel to move up, but remember to do when the upper arm close to the trunk, fixed with the power of the biceps to shrink the biceps to increase the strength of the hand. 15 groups, do three groups.

The same time as the above- Leaning back rowing

This action mainly exercise back, increase the strength does not say, but also reduce the back fat, modify the back lines. Choose a hollow stand, holding two bottles of unopened mineral water, knees slightly bent, waist, chest and buttocks, relying on the back of the power of the mineral water up the pull, while the shoulder adduction. 12 groups, do three groups.

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