To the beer belly gymnastics to men more chic

Some men will appear hip hypertrophy, thighs and other staggering image of the body. Here for the above bad men have a prescription, recommend a set of popular foreign, practice in the office of special aerobics.

As long as the time to do a day for 15 minutes, adhere to about a month, then, waist, abdomen and buttocks "stay" excess fat will gradually disappear, a full male The charm of the body will be reflected in your body.

Flexion movement: the phone book and so have a certain weight of things into the handbag, and then hand holding the bag of the handle, repeatedly to bend the arm, from the waist began to mention the shoulder position, left and right arm Alternately, each time back and forth 30 times. The exercise can effectively stimulate the biceps bibi, so that it is well developed. Flexion kinetic energy work out Your upper body, bid farewell to the book, thin upper body, solidly get strong arms and rich chest.

Push-ups A: the hands were placed on the shoulder from the shoulder about a fist outside the two chairs, the body try to keep a straight line, and then do push-ups. This exercise can exercise the upper arm of the triceps.

Push forward movement B: pre-exercise preparation posture and A the same, but to increase the intensity of exercise, the biped on the table. Straighten your legs, slowly push the push, so that the muscles outside the arm can be stimulated, and gradually become tough.

Squat movement: legs apart, about shoulder width, slightly pointed legs, legs slightly bent, his hands clinging to the brain. Then, let the hips slowly squat down until the thighs and the ground level. And then slowly recover, be careful not to straighten the knee.

Knuckle movement: hip slightly touch the chair, his hands clenched chair edge. Let the knee easily bend, legs together, and then slowly to the knee near the chest, and then slowly restored.

Sideways bending movement: hand holding the appropriate weight of the handbag, the other hand palm attached to the back of the head. Then, the handbag is pulled to the ground as natural as drooping, the body along with sideways bent. Recovery action is: slowly put the handbag on the body also slowly straighten. Left and right sides alternately.

After the song movement: feet apart shoulder width, hand holding the chair, so that the upper body to keep fixed, and then knees forward quite, while the waist is slowly falling backward, to maintain this position until the fatigue so far. This exercise can make the front of the thigh muscles, consumption of hip fat.

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