Is a real man to practice yoga it

There is a yoga teacher hoping to recover male of health Lost in his book, said: "Traditional Indian yoga is not suitable for everyone, only for men, because in ancient times, yoga has always been designed specifically for men, especially for sports muscular men." Senior Health and sports journalist John Capouya once said in his book "Real Man Do Yoga" that "yoga can keep the athlete's softness and make them stronger and perform better" and set off in the United States A male yoga wave, more and more muscle men are willing to lose dumbbell, sit cross-legged, closed eye Practice breathing and stretching. In 2001, the United States, "Time" magazine once yoga as a cover, sensitive to yoga in the global re-popular. In the United States, there are 15 million people practicing yoga, more than 3.5 million men. Who says a man can not practice? More than 50-year-old rock poet Sting, in the new works show hard work yoga years of solid body, and complacent, yoga can make him love with his wife for up to 5 hours. NBA Gray Wolves player Janet, before each game must first practice yoga breathing and focus. IBM has used yoga exercises to recharge employees. In Taiwan, many high-tech enterprises set up yoga classes for employees, many corporate executives as a fitness way.

The same time as the above- Why do men practice yoga?

If you have not experienced the 30 years of age after staying up late palpitation, did not experience after the climbing house after work, did not experience the cause of the bottleneck of the boudoir short circuit, the topic can not skip.

In fact, Leonard Hayflick points out that the overall physiological condition of men after 30 years of age, as in parabolic, is decreasing by one percentage point each year in "How And Why We Age"

Men's rules of the game make their health problems more prominent. The social demands of men are more unidirectional: control the world. Therefore, only allow men to express their success side, so men face the pressure of time, less vent channel, often ignore their own physical condition, until the blood pressure, the heart problems. Chronic stress causes heart disease and cancer The probability of occurrence, smoking and cholesterol than high risk factor 6 times higher; and middle-aged people are not easy to control their emotional pressure, on the verge of death The opportunity to rise from 15% to 50%.

When the body is not in your control, control the world what is the meaning?

Yoga is to teach you to control your own body.

Yoga word, from the Indian Sanskrit yug or yuj, is a pronunciation, its meaning "consistent" "combination" or "harmony". Yoga pose through the sense of adjusting the breath, the use of posture to adjust the balance of the body, by stimulating the body's own energy to promote the purpose of health. Its ultimate goal is to control their own, can control the flesh senses. Ancient yoga believers are convinced that by exercising the body and regulating breathing, you can completely control your mind and emotions as well as keep your body healthy forever.

Yoga posture contains stretching, strength, endurance and exercise cardiopulmonary exercises, for a lot of practice yoga have some experience, the most direct effect of their perception is that yoga to ease a lot of busy work caused by sub-health state: immunity, Physical weakness, and sometimes also includes psychological frustration, muscle tension, spinal pain, fatigue, shortness of breath or even memory decline. We in Shanghai Pudong Kama Yoga even learned that many men practicing yoga, found yoga flexibility and balance, for their own golf skills to improve the great benefits. And when the yoga practice posture gradually increase the difficulty, many need arm support action, but also to male students began to prevail.

Science as well clinical Studies have shown that yoga does have a positive impact on health.

Yoga is a kind of by virtue of the consciousness to adjust the breath, to the body position to achieve the balance of the body, to restore the body self-healing ability training. An experiment supported by the US Department of Health's Auxiliary Therapy Center found that yoga can improve the fatigue of patients with multiple sclerosis and outperform other sports. Yoga deep breath helps to focus attention; complete balanced contraction, stretching action, you can train the whole body muscles and joint elasticity, which is walking or riding a bicycle and other single movement can not achieve the effect.

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