How to build a man sexy ass?

As the saying goes, "man head, woman waist", that is male with female The greatest taboo in interpersonal communication. In fact, "ass" is the biggest restricted area of ​​men! Ass in the American people there is a sex organ, you shoot his ass can be incredible, he will sue you sexual harassment, so you can not eat pocket; you shoot the Chinese people ass is not so simple, from China an ancient law of the ass culture Show: ass decided to head. Ass sitting on what position, the head will produce what kind of thinking. Not only this, the man's ass is still an important weapon to attract women, so that men are very important buttocks, but male compatriots in bodybuilding training often overlook the importance of the buttocks. Let's make up this lesson! Look at the little tricks that can be used to "carve" the buttocks muscles.

The same time as the above- ▲ squatting

Feet standing apart, about one foot wide distance. Hands on the thigh, hips slowly down, as if to be sitting in a chair. Keep this posture for about ten seconds and then slowly restitution. Repeated five times.

The same time as the above- ▲ kneel legs lifted

Forearm and knee to the ground. Calf along the ground back straight, with the thigh into ninety degrees, abdomen, close hip. Lift a leg, straight and parallel to the ground. And then knees, lift up the legs to lift the legs, and then straighten the legs down to restore the original position, repeat 15 times. And then change legs to do.

The same time as the above- ▲ bow back leap

Feet separated, his hands stays separately down V-shaped, (legs stretched). Lift a leg, buttocks, will lift the legs bent, and then straight, ten consecutive times. And then change the legs and then do.

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