Men’s pelvic floor muscles are helpful

In the past, people often say that Kegel training to improve female Sexual feelings have many benefits, in fact, pelvic floor muscle strong or not, right male Is also crucial. This muscle group can control semen Flow, erection hardness and Ejaculation When the eruption force.

Men before Kegel training, should first clear their own pelvic floor muscle in what position. The easiest way is to hold back the toilet when the urine, feeling lower body is the force of the muscle group position, and firmly remember the kind of tight feeling. However, avoid tight abdominal, buttocks and leg muscles, this will make Kegel training lost meaning.

Male Kegel training is divided into four parts. The first section consists of three exercises, first of all, rapid contraction, relaxation pelvic floor muscles, each lasting 10 seconds, continuous 3 groups, each group interval of 10 seconds. Then, continue to repeat the action, but each time for 5 seconds, each group interval of 5 seconds. Finally, the pelvic floor muscles, to maintain 30 seconds, do 3 groups, each group interval of 30 seconds. This set of exercises should adhere to a week, every day practice.

In the second section of the training, the main training is the sensitivity of pelvic floor muscles. First, shrink the pelvic floor muscles, adhere to 5 seconds, and then relax, do a total of 10 groups. Then, as soon as possible to retract, each group 10 times, do 3 groups. Again, irregularly tighten and relax, each time under 10, do 3 groups. Finally, close the muscles, as long as possible to adhere to 2 minutes for the ceiling. This section should also be trained for a week. If you feel that you have been controlled, you can do the next section of training.

To the third quarter, the first is repeated pelvic floor muscle, a total of 30 groups, slowly increased to 100 groups. Then, as long as possible to tighten, do 30 groups, each group interval of 30 seconds.

The fourth section is to consolidate the practice. First, tighten the pelvic floor muscles, at least for two minutes, then relax, the number of groups is not limited, but it is best to practice as long as possible.

Kegel training from location, time constraints, station lying position can be, and the action is very simple, easy to master. Male practice a month later, that has a significant effect.

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