Push-ups make men more solid arm!

The same time as the above-

The same time as the above- Female teenager

Always practice push-ups to benefit breast The development and chest fitness.

The same time as the above- Young man

Often practice push-ups can increase the size of the pectoralis major and deltoid muscle, is conducive to the formation of bodybuilding on the wide and narrow body shape.

Middle-aged man

Often practice, but also to maintain the power of the upper limbs.

The same time as the above- The elderly

As long as you can practice, but also to maintain youthful vitality.

Many people because of poor training base, all of a sudden to do the standard push-ups is very difficult, hard arms, people are paralyzed on the ground, simply do not come. For these people, as long as the following steps step by step practice, will be able to receive good results.

The same time as the above- The push-ups can start practicing on the wall

Feet open shoulder width, far from the wall, wall standing, two palm on the wall, and then do elbow flexion and extension movement. To be skilled after the first increase in the distance between the foot and the wall, then the movement from the wall to the desktop, and then down from the desktop to the stool or chair, and then from the chair to a small stool or sofa, Forming a head low foot effect. However, this will cause a lot of blood flow to the brain, older people to be particularly careful.

Push the standard practice is to lean on the ground or pad, feet before the palm of the hand, the body stretched, his hands slightly wider than the shoulder, and then flexion and extension of the elbow to the arm, driving the body together. The key to keep the body is always stretched, the body falls, in addition to hands and feet to support the other parts can not touch the ground.

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