The relationship between exercise and cancer

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According to the Xinhua news agency, Japanese researchers lasted for eight years and conducted a follow-up survey of about 80,000 people across Japan. During this period, some 4300 respondents were suffering from cancer The

According to the factors such as strenuous exercise, walking, standing, sleep time and other factors, the average exercise amount of the respondents was calculated, and the respondents were divided into four groups according to the size of exercise to analyze the relationship between exercise and cancer.

The results showed that, compared with the group with the smallest amount of exercise, the largest group of exercise male The risk of cancer is 13% lower, female The risk of cancer is 16% lower. Men who exercise frequently suffer from colorectal cancer, liver cancer or pancreatic cancer are at low risk; regular exercise of female suffering Stomach cancer The risk is low.

Although the specific reasons for the above phenomenon is not clear. The researchers speculate that it may be related to exercise to lose weight and exercise can improve the immune function. Anyway, this is for the movement to provide a strong evidence, it seems, to disease resistance, move up just right.

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