2009 man first big thing to keep the muscles!

Indeed, men have a great muscle everyone envy, 2008 is the Chinese Olympic year, fitness than any previous year will be deeply rooted, we have to act quickly yo!

How to keep the muscles, get rid of fat

This question is also a lot of fitness enthusiasts concerned about the problem. To reduce fat in the process of reducing fat without reducing muscle. Must be done in training both comprehensive and targeted.

Comprehensiveness refers to the need for a combination of oxygen and anaerobic training, a comprehensive body work out , And to achieve a certain amount of exercise and exercise intensity, to improve the level of metabolism, promote fat burning, to reduce fat without reducing the purpose of muscle blocks.

Targeted refers to the different parts of the body according to the level of fat content, the use of different exercise methods, so that "the right medicine."

Aerobic training can make fat in the fatty acids free of energy for the body, while the body can cause negative heat balance, thereby promoting the body fat consumption, is one of the best way to reduce fat. Designed to do aerobic training to achieve the purpose of reducing fat, but the body is not the United States, anaerobic training is a double-edged sword, both minus the subcutaneous excess fat, but also by muscle. To reduce the abdominal fat, have to carry out both comprehensive and targeted exercise.

For example: the beginning of the exercise is best to exercise the rest of the body, so that the body glycogen consumption to the lowest level, and then abdominal exercises or aerobic training, so fat reduction effect will be more ideal. And do not start training on the abdomen training, so as not to glycose has not yet consumed to the lowest level of abdominal muscles have been tired. That is, the abdomen is already tired before the body has yet to be completely tired. This is the abdominal fat content is high, poor abdominal contractility determined. Abdominal fatigue can affect the effect of other parts of the strength of training, because in the strength of the exercise requires abdominal muscle contraction coordination of other muscle force (including breathing). Abdominal muscle contraction capacity decline, will inevitably affect the strength of the quality of training and fat reduction effect, if the first exercise of other body groups, so that muscle glycogen down to the lowest level when doing abdominal exercises, or aerobic training, Does not affect the practice of other muscles, so that the muscles get better stimulation, to prevent muscle loss, but also to achieve the purpose of burning fat.

Exercise intensity: improve the intensity of anaerobic training to steadily improve the strength of the muscles, so that the muscles are strong and flexible, and then optimize the shape.

Expert advice: To consume more calories, you must use high-intensity exercise practice. If the use of high-volume exercise practice times even if the intermittent time is very short, the total consumption of less than the use of high-intensity exercise and high-intensity training consumption.

The ideal training intensity is my maximum load of 75% to 80%. The purpose is to sweat the muscle glycogen, and do not make muscle fatigue or damage muscle tissue. So that each group of exercises every time to the muscles with a strong stimulus to prevent muscle atrophy, to achieve the purpose of reducing fat without reducing the block. If the intensity is small, less calorie consumption, weak muscle stimulation, then less than the purpose of reducing calories to reduce fat, muscle blocks will become smaller.

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