The more sporty the more men

The same time as the above- 1. How can I get more opportunities for exercise?

Doing more exercise does not mean hard labor, you can improve your chances of life in your daily life through the following methods:

* In the case of a feasible part of the work will be changed to walk.

* Take a staircase instead of an elevator or escalator.

* If you often have to work on the desk, you should stand up a few steps from time to time.

* Increase the number of dust or wipe.

* Play games with children or hide and play games.

* Take part in outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, field games or picnic.

* Take a 10 minute walk from the lively pace of lunch.

* When working against a computer, twist the shoulder and stretch the neck from time to time.

* While listening to the phone, while pacing back and forth.

* When you watch TV to avoid the use of remote control operation, in the advertising should stand up and stretch bones.

The same time as the above- health Tips:

Do exercise in fact without a long time to continue, you can do it in stages. To achieve health benefits, each exercise should be maintained for at least 10 minutes.

The same time as the above- 2. Why pay attention to the habit of exercise

Exercise helps to enhance the body's resistance to ensure that the bones are strong. You can also exercise weight through exercise, and help you with mental and social health. Research shows that a small amount of exercise is enough to improve your health. Take only 30 minutes of exercise every day to improve your heart and lung function and blood circulation, reduce future heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes Opportunity.

Health alarm

Lack of exercise may cause some physical problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, colon cancer and premature death The

The same time as the above- 3. How to motivate yourself to exercise

Persistent regular movement is definitely a major challenge.

The following methods can help you easily develop the habit of exercise:

* Move with friends or family.

* Regularly set a small target for themselves, to achieve their goals can be rewarded.

* Add fun to the sport and try different sports such as running, cycling or ball.

* Exercise should be flexible, when you feel too tired, you can rest for a day.

* Choose your own interest and favorite sport.

* Choose to work with their daily life.

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