The fitness of men how to fitness good

The same time as the above- male When young people struggling to work, people to middle-aged after the beer belly, fat are climbing the body, middle-aged men began to exercise carefully at this time up. Expert advice: middle-aged men, especially after 40 years of age fitness is different from the young, should pay special attention to the following 11 points:

1, pick the way to make you comfortable: If you are a sports novice, then may wish to join the primary fitness club. If you are used to high-intensity exercise, it is best to fitness with their own level of peers.

2, find the right fitness activities: Do not force yourself to do not like the sport or do not match their age movement.

3, fitness is not just aerobic exercise: with age, human organs are aging. Therefore, every day for 30 minutes of aerobic cardiopulmonary exercise, but to the appropriate increase in strength, flexibility and balance work out The

4, start training not too fast: fitness training hastily not reach. For many years do not exercise people, you can start from the simplest meal after a walk. After the formation of habits, and then increase the amount of exercise. 40 years old people no matter how experienced, full warm-up are very necessary.

5, the movement of diversification: every day to do the same exercise, both easy to wear and easy to hurt. Recommended for cross-training, such as running and cycling cross, running and swimming cross.

6, fitness priority, do not make excuses: the treatment of fitness should be like other important things in life. Once the fitness program has been developed, it will not be implemented, and will not delay or stop the fitness program on the pretext of time, child or other things.

7, do not look down on themselves: Do not think that over 40, sports performance will inevitably "plummet." The study found that athletes in the 50-75 age group, the annual exercise performance decreased by only 3.4%. 80 years old can also get higher sports results.

8, adjust the speed, intermittent training: in the daily walking exercise to increase the brisk walking and slow break intermittent training, help in a short period of time to consume more heat in the body.

9, and everyone with exercise: access to family and friends support is very important, encourage each other, with training, the effect is better.

10, pay attention to the old injury: exercise must pay attention to the old injury. If the knees have been injured, running is not the best choice.

11, do not let weight plague yourself: a lot of people began to fitness only want to lose weight. When the weight loss effect is not ideal, some people will be disheartened, or even stop fitness. Experts said that should take into account the exercise of a variety of other health effects, adhere to long-term effective fitness can reduce suffering from type 2 diabetes , Heart disease and some cancer Risk, but also make you feel at ease.

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