There are several iron laws of male fitness

The same time as the above- Concentrate on first

Concentrate on it is too important, there are a lot of people when the fitness, not to focus on the work out Of the muscles, or the action to do, but should not force the place hard, the wrong muscle. For example, to practice the chest, the results of the heart to the triceps, and finally into a small chest, arm is too large and powerful sailor to send, looks very funny. Concentrate on the action can be done, it will not cause harm because of the pose, fitness is not anti-body injury, really can not come.

The same time as the above- Perseverance perseverance

Fitness expensive in perseverance, as long as not lazy, will be blooming results. If you are fixed on the gym, every one and a half to two hours, three to four times a week; if it is their own home practice, half an hour a day to an hour, it is very good.

The same time as the above- The rhythm of breathing

This is the most important part of the movement, usually you will hear the two factions, one is any action, close to the heart to breathe, leave the heart to inhale. No matter what kind of breathing method can be, as long as they feel good weather like.

The same time as the above- To be calm

Many people do exercise, because the effort to do the feeding, so that the expression of special, affecting a look of the muscles, and then give birth to a look of wrinkles. Fitness must be calm, do exercise as much as possible to maintain "face expressionless", focus on the physical muscles to exercise, so that your face can be spared to accelerate the fate of aging.

The same time as the above- Do not compare

Whether it is the ability to load or the number of actions, can not be braved, a lot of people will be like the same fitness. Always want to do a little more quickly get immortal, this is quite dangerous. If you can not afford to force, can no longer load, but also more than half a kilogram, or have been too tired to die, but also do a few times, hard to cause the consequences of sports injury is often disastrous, all to feel comfortable and the number of times To be.

The same time as the above- Fake enemy

This is an art, people must have a living enemy to inspire, will have the power of progress, will be more sense of accomplishment. This goal is the best person around you, you feel good and not too difficult to achieve the goal of the people, and can let you see every day you can directly view the object, like the sun in the office of the young body, Or friends circle lines prince and so on. Do not be ambitious, to Schwarzenegger when the enemy, then you will live in constant frustration. Wait until the defeat of the first stage of the imaginary enemy, and then find the next more difficult target.

(Editor: Peng Zhixing)

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