How do men stovepipe recommended 4 simple actions

Men are most afraid of the appearance of rough legs, so they will choose to stovepipe, then you know what the movement of the man stovepipe?

How does a man stovepipe? How does a stovepipe? How do it stovepipe?

The Simple and powerful thin thigh movement

Action 1: Leg lift

The back is kept tight, and the abdomen does not shake.

Lift your legs up and forward, raise your toes when you lift them, and pick them up when you take them back. Keep your leg as slow as possible and keep it at a constant speed. 20 times a group, left and right to do 2-3 groups.

Function: Use control to make the thigh muscles tense, while the abdomen, back also get work out .

Tips: Inhale when stretching your legs, exhale when recovering, and when your legs are lifted, keep your leg muscles tense and feel your muscles consciously.

Action 2: Raise your posture

Keep the body posture fixed on the device, legs slightly bent, the most important is the knee remains motionless, with the ankle to control the movement, one up and down, 12-15 times as a group (in the leg feel slightly acidic as the standard), each Do 15-20 groups.

Function: Can tighten thigh fat.

Tip: Knee joint fixation is the most important, or you are using the power of the body in the stampede, thigh exercise will be greatly discounted.

How does a man stovepipe? How does a stovepipe? How do it stovepipe?

Action 3: Pedal Stretching

Support legs slightly bent, hand enough to reach the toes of the other leg, and squat up, control the motion, uniform breathing, keep for more than 10 seconds. Do 20 times each time.

Function: Helps you to adjust the height and improve the movement effect.

Tips: If you feel that ligaments cannot be pulled open, you can do it on the ground. This set of actions can be a warm-up action before exercise, or cooldown after exercise.

Action 4: Standing posture

Standing upright, the waist remains tense, and people try to feel as if they are pulling up, knees flexed, legs tightened, and under weight conditions, doing lameness. At the same time, the chest is fully opened and the body weight, not the arm's strength, is used to lift the weight. 15 times a group, do 2 groups.

Function: Tighten the lower leg while exercising the abdomen and straining the body muscles.

Tips: The purpose of weight-bearing is to achieve better sports results. You can hold a bottle of mineral water in your hands instead, but do not let your hands lift high and get out of your shoulders.

How does a man stovepipe? How does a stovepipe? How do it stovepipe?

Stovepipe food


Colloidal calcium carbonate contained in celery is easily absorbed by the body, and calcium intake can prevent the edema of the legs and the condition of the radish leg. The rich potassium content of celery can also help the stovepipe.


Vitamin E, B1 and calcium are needed to provide the human body. The linseed oil contained in sesame seeds can remove the cholesterol attached to the blood vessels. This will make the metabolism better, and it will be much easier to lose weight and stovepipe. Eating sesame every day will help the legs. It is better to pulverize sesame seeds or buy sesame paste directly to fully absorb it.


The What to eat The fastest stovepipe? Try eating soybeans. Soybeans contain not only cellulose but also protein, which allows thigh and calf fat to stick. What's more important is that soybeans have low calories and they will not be fat when eaten. (Reference website: Minfu Kang)

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